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Countdown to Doom 3

PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, 2004 4:49 pm
by Ian
Saw this over at [H]

Only 18 more days to go.. \:D/

And yes, I'll be getting my copy right away.. just like I did when Doom 2 came out.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, 2004 5:17 pm
by tazdevl
Ordered mine at Amazon when it became available.

Amazon generally pre-ships items to local post offices ahead of time so they can be delivered on the day of the official release.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2004 9:32 am
by LoneWolf
I'll have to check if there's any or B&N coupon codes. :)

It'll be the first game I've actually bought since Starlancer went down to a buck ninety-nine.


PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2004 3:49 pm
by Ian
• A 1.5-gigahertz Intel Pentium 4 chip or AMD Athlon 1500.
• 384 megabytes of memory.
• Two gigabytes of hard drive space.
• An nVidia GeForce 3 graphics card or better; or an ATI Technologies 8500 or better.

This is probably just enough to run the game. Getting it to look good is another story. :roll:

PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2004 9:45 am
by LoneWolf
Best performance supposedly requires a gig of RAM, a 3GHz (or equivalent) CPU, and a Geforce6800 or Radeon 9800.

I'm slowly going up .5x clock multi at a time while I test stability on my CPU. Although I'm hoping that since I'm currently running above AthlonXP 3200+ speeds, I should be able to run it reasonably well. I did have a chance to try the (horribly slow) alpha at one point (same graphics card, but an Athlon XP 2000+ CPU), so much debugging code there that I'm sure the full release should run as well as I want it to at 1024x768 on my 19" monitor.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2004 10:47 am
by Ian
Yeah, I need to add more memory to my system. Half a gig was fine when I had my Athlon, but for some reason, it doesn't cut it with my P4.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 24, 2004 2:37 pm
by rumptis
Think it will run on my 486 and Voodoo?