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Looking for European web host

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:06 pm
by Ian
Can anyone recommend an affordable and reliable web host in Europe?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 12:43 pm
by Ian
No one?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 6:28 am
by TheWizard
Shared hosting or a dedicated server? I have researched this extensively before, and here are numerous providers with examples of their packages (usually the cheapest option). Bandwidth is based on monthly increments and prices are based on yearly subscriptions. Double check the host's web site as the package details may be a bit outdated. Also, the shared hosting providers are generally large storage/high bandwidth options. I have not fully researched small storage/low bandwidth ISP's.

Code: Select all
L = British Pounds
E = Euros
$ = Dollars

Dedicated server:

ISP                     CPU/RAM/HDD/OS                  Bandwidth     Price
===                     ==============                  =========     =====           Athlon 1600/256/80/Linux        1000GB        L39                 Celeron 2.4/512/80/Linux        2000GB        L39
                        Sempron 2800/1024/80/Linux      2000GB        L49           Celeron 2.0/512/40/FreeBSD      Unmetered     L39.99           Pentium 2.8/512/80/Linux        Unmetered     L49                Sempron 2600/1024/80/Any        1500GB        L55                 Celeron 2.0/256/160/Any         Unmetered     E20
                        P4 3.0/512/80/Any               Unmetered     E36
                        P4 3.0/1024/250/Any             Unmetered     E46
                        P4 3.0/2048/250/Any             Unmetered     E56              VIA 2.0/1024/160/Linux          Unmetered     E30              Athlon 3700/1024/320/Any        1000GB        E39            P4 1.6/512/40/Linux             2000GB        E45
                        P4 2.4/512/80/Linux             3000GB        E55            P4 2.4/512/80/Any               1000GB        E49
                        Sempron 3100/512/80/Any         Unmetered     E59         Celeron 2.4/256/40/Linux        1000GB        E49           Opteron 1.8/1024/320/Any        Unmetered     E64

ISP                     Connectivity                    Location
===                     ============                    ========           lambanet, clara                 Paris/Dusseldorf                 cogent, tiscali                 London, England           telia, uunet                    London, England           level3, sprint                  London, England                telia, cogent, tiscali          London, England                 gblx, level3, cogent, teleglobe Paris, France              level3, teleglobe, proxad       Paris, France              tiscai, cogent, cw              Frankfurt, Germany            Too many uplinks to list        Frankfurt, Germany            teleglobe, above, telia         Amsterdam, Holland         uunet                           Amsterdam, Holland           level3, lambdanet               Dusseldorf, Germany

Shared hosting:

ISP                     HDD     FTP     SSH     Bandwidth     Price
===                     ===     ===     ===     =========     =====                5GB     5       N       Unmetered     $6.60
                        20GB    10      N       Unmetered     $10.90             250GB   Unlim.  N       2100GB        $6.45           250GB   Unlim.  N       2000GB        $12.99

ISP                     Connectivity                    Location
===                     ============                    ========                telia, above, pccwbtn           Paris, France             versatel, cogent                Hamburg, Germany           versatel, cogent                Hamburg, Germany

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 10:26 am
by MediumRare
That's a tough one to answer- what do you want to do with a European provider? There will (at the very least) be questions re. international contracts.

I haven't had much interest in this subject, but as a regular c't reader sort of skim over most reports they have on anything :wink:. They had a test on mid-range providers in Germany in the 7/2007 issue and "" did very well there.

I'm sure that you'd be better off with an English language site, though, and I can't help you there. jase might be able to give you some advice, but he hasn't dropped by here in the last few months.

Looks like TheWizard beat me in answering this one- his info is more useful than mine anyways. :D