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Customized Boxes...

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2003 2:29 am
by F1Pilot
Okay, I just posted a comment about being jealous of everyones boxes. Anyone got pics of their machines that they can post? I can't believe what you can do nowadays! I still remember the old Trash 80, Apple IIc and Vic-20. :P

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2003 2:34 am
by BuddhaTB
I have a simple Antec mid-tower case for now. I wanted one of those nice full tower cases with the window on the side, but I didn't have the money or space for it. There are some really nice looking cases out there, so your just gonna have to find something you like.

If anyone has a pic of some really tricked out cases, please post them.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2003 2:37 am
by F1Pilot
Oh yeah...please post your boxes specs too! Thanks!

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2003 3:11 am
by BuddhaTB
Buddha's Box
Antec Performance Series SX630 Mid-Tower Case With 300Watt PSU
AMD Athlon XP 1800+ CPU
Asus A7V333 Motherboard
Kingston 512MB PC2100 (266MHz) DDR RAM
LeadTek GeForce4 Ti4200 128MB VIVO
Maxtor 60GB 7200RPM ATA133 Hard Drive
Pioneer 16X DVD-Rom 105S (Slot Loading)
TDK VeloCD 48x24x48 (Overclocked To 52x24x48) CD-RW Drive
Sony Spressa USB 4x4x6 External CD-RW Drive
Sony 3.5" Floppy Drive
Linksys 10/100 Network Card
Creative 56k V.90 Internal Modem
Logitech Z-560 4.1 THX 400 Watt Speaker System
ViewSonic EF70 17" Monitor
Logitech Keyboard
Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse
80mm Cooling Fans x4
ThermalTake Volcano 7+ HSF
Windows XP Home

If there's anything else I left out, I'll post it later.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2003 3:58 am
by Dartman
Antec value line full Tower case with the 300 watt supply. Has 5 5 1/4 bays open, 1 3 1/2 and 7 more internal on 2 different cages. Older case now but still nice with 2 fans above the supply one low in front.
MSI KT3 ultra ARU 1800+ athlon xp running at stock clock
512 333 DDR
80 gig IBM
40 gig IBM
20 gig Maxtor
20 gig Western Digital
4.3 Ultra wide SCSI
Microsoft Intelimouse optical mouse
4/8 gig 4 MM tape SCSI backup
Sony Sony DRU500a
Lite On 52x24x52
Lite On 48x12x48
Lite On 166s DVD Rom
TI 4200 128 video card
Onboard 5 channel sound
AdvanceSys ultrawide SCSI card
Zonenet Nic card
21 inch Intergraph/Panasonic s21
1400 VA Powerware 5115 UPS
HP 990 Printer
Visioneer 8600 Scanner

All the IDE ports are full ;) It's amazing but the old supply till seems to be able to keep up with all this.
Onboard 5 channle sound

I need another 512 of memory and probably a bigger PS soon, it never stops evolving as deals come up.
Sorta like my car :)

My first puter here was a Tandy sx dual drive with a 8088 that I upgraded to a v-20 chip.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2003 11:02 am
by glock20rocks
No pic, but:

Antec Full Tower (Black)
400Watt PS
Abit BD7-RAID Mobo (i845)
Pentium 4, 1.7GHz (soon to be 2.4GHz)
512MG DDR266 Ram
Ge-Force 2 TI w/64MG (slloooowww, soon to be Ge-Force 4)
Plextor 48x24x48 CD-RW
Creative 6x DVD (old, but works great and region free)
1 WD 40GB 7200RPM HD (boot)
4 60GB 7200RPM Maxtors (3 on software RAID under 2K)
TI Fireware card
Hercules GameTheater XP Soundcard
Viewsonic 19" Monitor
Mandrake Linux 9 (Yippie!)
Windows 2000 (Yuck!)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2003 12:11 pm
by F1Pilot
I'll try to post a pic of my box later. It's real purty...especially since someone dropped it. :-? Wasn't me...this time. I got a GenericA DALCO full case. That Antec one looks pretty cool.