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Error message...HELP!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 5:54 pm
by Intimidator
Here are the steps I followed with BENQ1620 B7T9 FW

1) Setup DVD-Decryptor (latest version) to write an ISO file.
2) Used DVD shrink (latest version) to re-author and create ISO file of only the main movie and 5.1 sound.
3) Set backup to make "ISO and burn with DVD-D"
4) ISO created and started to burn this 4x media at 4x with DVD-D
5) Burn successful
6) Scanned with latest NERO CD/DVD Speed at 4x and get a 97% score but this message "No additional sense information" when scanned with Nero CD-DVD Speed at 4x
6) Movie plays fine in desktop DVD player

Previously I used DVD-D to rip the FILES (NOT an ISO) then DVD-S to encode a re-authored main movie and 5.1 sound and nero to burn....then scanned with CD/DVD Speed I never saw this error message. Very strange!

Question #1 - what exactly is the error "no additional sense information"?

Question #2 - is this mere coincidence that the discs burned with DVD-D and NOT NERO produce this error?