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Duplicated CD Read Slowly

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2003 11:50 am
by kaboom

Ok, this is a forum for CloneCD, and my question is mainly about Alcohol 120 (no forum category for that yet). I started doing things with CloneCD so I hope I'm 'authorized' to post in this category...

Here goes...

I’ve been trying to duplicate two games with my Liteon LTR-24102B (24/10/40), CloneCD with Clony XL and Alcohol 120 (trial version). Just wondering… I tried making a backup of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (which Clony XL determines as using SafeDisc V2) using Alcohol 120. Thing is, the CD-ROM drive (not the writer) has to spin down when it starts reading the duplicate and doesn’t read it at ‘full speed’. The CD-ROM drive reads the original Morrowind CD at full speed. Is this normal? Also, I tried duplicating System Shock 2 (SafeDisc) with CloneCD and the drive couldn’t read the later parts of the duplicate CD (also spins down near the beginning). Any help or clarifications?

BTW, I haven’t tried using the duplicate Morrowind CD (just Disc 1) yet to install the game; I’ve only tested it by playing with the old installation (where I used the orig. CDs). I guess I want some clarification about the slow-downs first because installing with screwed-up duplicate CDs may cause problems.

Thanks so much!!! :D