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do i need clonecd when i have clonedvd?

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2003 6:42 am
by jtan
does clonedvd support all the features of clonecd?


PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2003 8:18 am
by G@M3FR3@K
Yes you need CloneCD since CloneDVD does not have all the options that CloneCD has. Overall you could say that CloneCD is for cloning CDs and CloneDVD for cloning DVDs since CloneCD cannot read DVDs and vice versa.. or does that sound too obvious?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2003 7:42 am
by Spazmogen
Not to mention that CloneDVD does not handle encrypted movies (at least the early verion I tried didn't). You need to use software to defeat the encryption as it puts the DVD on your hard drive, then use CloneDVD to copy that version.

There's other software out that that costs less than CloneDVD.

CloneCD actually copies the ecryption onto the new disc if it can. That made a lot of people happy (me included).

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2003 7:47 am
by pranav81
I really didnt knew that CloneDVD can duplicate normal CD's.I was and still using CloneCD to make 1:1 copies of CD's.I dont think I will get CloneDVD soon because I dont have a DVD drive because this is a little backward city and I cannot find a single place that rents DVD movies.
See ya guys later,