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ASPI layer

PostPosted: Sat Jan 25, 2003 6:28 pm
by pauls.home
Hello all

I used cdrwin till i installed xp pro now i use clone cd.
but i am in the process of trying cdrwin 3.9b as its better for copying bin files for cd+g back ups.

my question is what ASPI driver cdrwin installs, as i opted to install it with 3.9b. ran aspi checker and it says i have none installed.

I have read forums on aspi about ver 4.60 being more reliable. if poss i would rather not have one as people have loads of problems if they have different cdrw software, currently running clone cd with clony xxl and easy cd creator with no probs
liteon 166s dvd
liteon 48 12 48 cdrw
ps dont really want to take off ecdc as its a bit of a pain to put back on ie finding the write patch for xp ect.
basically will cdrwin work alongside clone cd and ecdr 5

thanks for any help

PostPosted: Sat Jan 25, 2003 6:49 pm
by Han
CDRWIN has a licensed version of NexiTech ASPI which can be uninstalled and doesn't affect other applications. It does what it's supposed to, so as long as it works fine, stick with it...

Btw, current CDRWIN version is 3.9C.