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BJ's wholesale club goes exclusively Blu-Ray in-store

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 2:47 am
by dolphinius_rex

JULY 26 | East Coast chain BJ’s Wholesale Club will drop HD DVD from its shelves and carry the Blu-ray Disc format exclusively by the fourth quarter, according to sources at the retailer and several Hollywood studios.

Sources said the chain will carry Blu-ray exclusively at all its 170 stores, although it continues to carry both formats on its Web site.

A spokesperson for the chain didn’t immediately return calls for comment.

BJ’s' move follows Target and Blockbuster, both of which have announced they will increase the presence and support of Blu-ray in stores. Both chains, however, will continue to carry HD DVD movies to some extent.

I wonder how much longer before Bestbuy decides to start chosing sides? Sooner or later every retailer will have to start evaluating the space they are dedicating to HiDef content, and as long as Blu-Ray is selling 2:1 or greater compared to Blu-Ray, I don't think we'll see ANYONE dropping Blu-Ray in favour of exclusive HD DVD support.