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Meijer Offers Only Blu-ray On Website

PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 2:01 pm
by Ian
Take note that while Meijer's website is Blu-ray only, they still sell both Blu-ray and HD DVD titles in their stores.

For now, Blu-ray Disc has an edge at regional mass merchant Meijer, which began offering Blu-ray titles exclusively on its Web site in mid-September.

The site offers about 300 Blu-ray titles, which is a full representation of releases that studios have streeted to this point.

Numbering about 180 outlets across Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio, Meijer does offer a limited number of both Blu-ray and HD DVD titles in stores.

The Meijer site is selling hardware in both formats, including Toshiba’s HD DVD and Samsung Blu-ray set-top players.

Meijer director of e-commerce marketing Dawn Bronkema said there are plans to also carry HD DVD titles on the site, but current in-store sales trends pushed the retailer to act first on expanding its Blu-ray selection.

“Blu-ray is currently outselling HD DVD with a ratio of four-to-one,” Bronkema said.