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Ritek Developing Hybrid BD-R/HD DVD-R Media?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 6:39 pm
by Ian
According to the Inquirer, Ritek had some hybrid BD-R/HD DVD-R media on display at CES. One one side of the disc, you could record HD DVD-R and on the other, BD-R. ... -dvd-disks

RITEK HAD one of the coolest things on show at CES, a hybrid BD-R and HD-DVD-R. That was the best, but by no means the only innovative thing it was showing off.

The disc is a burnable Blu-Ray on one side and a burnable HD-DVD on the other. If you are making high def content and want to avoid the format wars, this is a good way to distribute media. They are not out yet, but will be in the not so distant future.

I find it odd that Ritek has said nothing about this. Has anyone else heard of these? Wes, did you see them when you were at CES?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 6:41 pm
by Ian
They also had hybrid HD DVD-R/DVD-R DL media.

Another cool one they had was a HD-DVD-R and DVD-R-DL combo disc. This one is immensely useful for distribution of video content, you don't have to worry which format the user has, just give them high- and low-def on the same little slice of Lexan.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 7:56 am
by RJW
Who is going to be interested in buying such discs in real volumes ??
Because expect these to be more expensive as there seperate disc's sisters.

Making a Hybrid DVD-R/DVD-R DL or a blu ray-R/hybride DVD-R - These will be more problematic to produce as the 2 single disc's, it has a smaller market from the start and it requires additional R&D costs which you do want to earn back. So by saving a small bit of money on production costs (which are a few cents), other stuff will raise there prices which make this uniterresting except for the gimmick folks.

In other words just use a 2 disc package if you want to add both and use single layer disc's. This way you also have the option of choosing the better stuff (DVD+R-DL (verbatim) combining with your favourite next gen format from your favourite manufacturer and this won't be more expensive.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 9:17 am
by Ian
I asked the woman that handle's Ritek USA's marketing and she said that they also had a disc that was HD DVD-R on one side and HD DVD-RW on the other.

For the reasons that RJW points out, I doubt these will ever make it to mass production. I think that Ritek was just showing that they are capable of producing them.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 9:34 pm
by Wesociety
Unfortunately, I did not stop by the Ritek CES booth. I did stop by Ritek at the 'Digital Experience' event, but they were not displaying any optical media there.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 11:12 pm
by Ian
I don't know why, but they waited until Wednesday to put them out.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 3:14 am
by dolphinius_rex
Probably they weren't going to display them, but Toshiba asked them very nicely to :P

Seriously though, what a joke.... there's zero demand for any of that media.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 8:44 am
by Ian
There's more of a demand for their 50GB BD-R media, which should be officially announced soon.

The hybrid media just shows their capabilities and is there to build confidence with their customers.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 2:44 pm
by Ian
I got a few pictures of Ritek's hybrid media. Both formats appear to be single layer only and the writing speed is rated at 2x.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 5:47 am
by dolphinius_rex
I want a sample of that media just to say I have it :D

Besides, as a media collector I should probably get some HD DVD-R media before it's not available anymore anyways.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 12:28 pm
by Ian
Good luck getting some. Unless someone places an order, Ritek doesn't plan to produce this media.