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Poor reading results with LG4120B and RitekG05?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2004 4:17 pm
by Alarmer

I need some comments on this picture:


I have burned 25 of these Arita 8x ritekG05 discs and all the previous burns have been good. I mean my LG4120B (A111 F/W) has burned em 4x and with nero cdspeed I have gotten results like 4x --> 10x speeds.

But now this, I dont know what kinda conclusion I should make, the data works allright but my drive reads it much slower. This has been the case with 4 discs in a row so it cannot be just and coincidence. Any comments?


I really think it was just a bad batch of Ritek discs. The other 25 tube worked remarkably well but the other 25 tube discs all had bad read performance.

Now I got Bulkpaq (fujifilm03) and Datawrite(fujifilm03) 8x dvd-r media and they burn and read really fast with LG4120B