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---===Problem with LITE-ON 1693S===---

PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2005 1:58 am
by comcio
Hello to everybody (This is my first post :) )

Lets start. Few eeeks ago i've exchanged my LITE-ON 1653S on 1693s and problems have begun. I recorded about 10 dvds +R (TDK X8 - SLIM) and the 11th dvd burned out and the next 10 dvds joined to the 11th :(. Interesting is this that I can't record with speed x4, the min speed is x6 (maybe this is the problem - speed of the recording). I sent LITE-ON to the service, after few days I was given a new one. The problem hasn't been removed. I was updating bios to KS09 but It didn't help.

HELLLLPPPP me what to do maybe someone knows the resolution !!!!!!!