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Plextor PX-740A reviewed @ Anandtech

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 9:28 am
by AxBattler ... i=2482&p=1

Well, its based on the BenQ drive (I am sure you already know that), which can't be bad since from the sound of it, it is a drive that many seems to be waiting for (I am still waiting for the review here :)).

Overall, Anandtech gives it the nod.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 10:08 am
by Bhairav
Weird methodology, IMO. Why the limited media tests? Why the hell are they showing PI/PIE totals?? What about the error distributions?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:23 am
by Ian
Where are the CD/DVD read tests?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:31 am
by Scour

I like Anandtech for other reviews about PC-components, but they canĀ“t do good reviews about optical drives

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 12:50 pm
by MadBurner
Our last look at a product from Plextor was at the PX-712A 12x model, which performed extremely well in our media tests.

So they skipped the 716A review and instead opted to take a look at the 740A, which is a non-Plextor product!

Brilliant :roll:


PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:00 pm
by Ian
Huh? I swear they had some "exclusive" look at the 716A. Maybe that was the 712A. Even then, I'm sure it was in one of their roundups.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 2:47 pm
by AxBattler
I was quite sure they had the 716A as well, but I've done a search and found nothing. Guess it was all in my head :lol:

But yea, though I trust Anantech overall, I think that they are better for motherboard, CPU, RAM, GFX card etc.

I mainly rely on cdrlabs for optical storage, and storagereview for hard drives, and other sites for digital cams.