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PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 6:57 pm
by ItalianJob
Scour wrote:lastguyonthenet, u should scan with 8x-speed in Cdspeed, not with maximum

Yeah. I find these burns not too bad, but the maximum speed is not reliable enough.

Note : you should try a 8X burn maybe ? And you should try Solidburn OFF on known media.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 6:59 pm
by ItalianJob
DrageMester wrote:
Grain wrote:I agree with ItalianJob re DVD-RAM, it's only use IMO is for regular/frequent data backups, not video or music.

But it's very convenient for regular/frequent data backups!

And it's very slow : DVD-RAM 5X burns at half speed (write+check)...

Re PO Failures

PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 11:26 am
by 2Dogs
ItalianJob wrote:2Dogs, you have PO Failures #-o Did you eject before scanning ?

No. They cropped up right at the end of the disc, and only showed in the scan by the DW1655. The scans in all my other scanning drives looked OK - though not brilliant of course. Here are the scans using all my drives, with the DW1655 scan run again. This time round, there were no PO failures but the PI failures were up. You can see from all the scans that there's definitely some kind of action towards the end of the disk.

TDK 16x DVD+R (DAXON AZ3) made in Malaysia

Burned with BenQ DW1655 BCIB @16x [burn time 10:25] Solidburn Off WOPC On

Tested in BenQ DW800 B2L7-----------@8x
------------BenQ DW1655 BCIB------ ---@8x
------------BenQ DW1650 BCIC------ ---@8x
------------Samsung SH-S182M SB03---@8x
------------Lite-On SHM-165H6S HS0E--@8x

five scanners + K Probe & QScan

---------BenQ DW800--96------------BenQ DW1655--94-------------BenQ DW1650--94---------Samsung SH-S182M-95

-----Lite-On SHM-165H6S-95----------KProbe v2.5.2--------------QSuite v2.1 QScan

PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 6:17 pm
by lastguyonthenet
2Dogs wrote:
Wow, those aren't great results!
I wonder if your DW1655 is using Solidburn to learn the media?

Solidburn is 'Non Activated' for 'Supported Disc ' and 'Activated' for 'Unknown Disc'. However the burner hasn't picked up any media information making me suspect the burns were done with Solidburn off. Probably MBI 01RG40 and MBI 03RG40 are supported. These are the ones commonly available so I'll be using them. Do I need to force Solidburn for these.
I have kept WOPC enabled as I am not too confident about the quality of the discs and will be burning these 16X discs at 12X. Do I need to step down to *X burn speeds? I am not enthusiastic about it as even at 12X the burns were completed in about 7-8 mins plus after checking for errors with the entire process taking 18 minutes which I felt was very slow.

2Dogs wrote:
TDK 16x DVD+R (DAXON AZ3) made in Malaysia
Burned with BenQ DW1655 BCIB @16x [burn time 10:25] Solidburn Off WOPC On

Mine were burned at at 12X on 16X DVD-R media with Solidburn Off and WOPC On and the burn time was < 8mins with the entire process including error checking taking 18 minutes. What would explain this rather odd difference in times? And even this I find slow. Don't the current LG/LiteOn drives produce entire DVD burns in around 5 mins.

My burns were DVD-Video. Probably DVD data burns would take lesser time.

Scour wrote:
lastguyonthenet, u should scan with 8x-speed in Cdspeed, not with maximum

I am not sure of the speed at wich the scan test was done. I haven't changed any settings in the Nero CD-DVD Speed.
Is this the tab at which the scan speed need to be changed to 8X?


However if you notice, the 3 scans that I have posted in the scan thread show speeds (lower right corner) of 8.29X, 8.04X and 7.48X. Do they refer to the scanning speed?

ItalianJob wrote:
Note : you should try a 8X burn maybe ? And you should try Solidburn OFF on known media.

They were burned at 12X on 16X media. Will try at 8X and see if it isn't too slow and gives better results.

2Dogs wrote:
I too was anxious to get hold of a genuine BenQ burner, since by all accounts they are great all rounders. I've somehow managed to acquire a total of seven burners in that quest.

Since this a optical burner forum I should stop beng surprised that every other member belong to multiple (read 5 or more) burners club. Thank heavens that it is not the criteria for forum membership though its difficult to resist catching the MB (MultiBurner) bug and obsessing so much about this humble hardware to the point of dreaming about MIDs and scans, PIs and POs and TYs and CMCs all dancing around Plexies, Pios, LGs et al at sweet 12X speeds (Q to Cdr members:Do you suspect other components of your PC are jealous of your burners?-could explain some of your inexplicable h/w failures). :D

Lastly any opinions upon the modified eject button on my BenQ (unlike the classique thin one). That along with the manufature date of Sept. 2006, makes me wonder if this doesn't belong to the same class of the BenQs that garnered good reviews.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 8:31 pm
by ItalianJob
It's the classic OEM faceplate :


For other questions : the scan speed is in the Disc Quality "Settings" drop down list. Set it to 8X.

The entire process (burn+scan) is slow yeah... BUT it's the only one.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 10:39 pm
by 2Dogs
Hi lastguyonthenet

you set the CD-DVD Speed scan speed in the box below "settings". In the image below, you can see that it's set to 8x. Once you set it, it'll hang on to that default speed until you change it again. In the image below, I have a disc that I burned in the "Create Disc" test, so you can see the pattern of write speeds the burner used. In this case it was my Lite-On, using "Smartburn", hence the speed pattern - and if you look carefully, you may see that it was a failed burn - the disc was never closed!

It's odd, though. Your scans suggest that CD-DVD Speed was set to scan at maximum speed, yet the indicated speed looks like it was set to 8x, and confirmed by the three figures you quoted, which are the scan speed at the end of the test of 8.29x, 8.04x and 7.48x. Therefore when you set it to scan at 8x, it might not make much difference. Bit of a mystery, that one!


As for burn times - some burners are just quicker than others. I find that using 12x instead of 16x on my Pioneer only results in the burn taking a few seconds longer.

As for getting the best results, I think you'll need to experiment a bit. Intuitively, it might seem that burning at a slower speed will result in better write quality - and that is certainly the popular belief on a video editing forum to which I subscribe. From my own tests, however, I find that there isn't any simple relationship between slower burns and increasing write quality.

For example, I wrote to a cheap Verbatim knock-off Dynex disc with my LG at 18x - but the speed dropped as the drive struggled with the media, and write quality was pretty mediocre. The burn was completed in 5:38. I decided to try an 8x burn - and the write speed looked nice and consistent, but the resulting write quality scans were worse, and the burn took 9:02.

By what you say, you are always using verification of your data. Whilst I would not discourage you from doing that with your data discs, where you might wish to feel reassured that the data is safely on disc prior to say deleting the source material from your hard drive, for video I would suggest you use CD-DVD Speed to write an ISO image file to the disc in the "Create Disc" test. You then get to see what your burner is getting up to as it writes, and you don't really need to do write verification. In the same time it takes to verify the disc in Nero or whatever burning program you're using, you could run a CD-DVD Speed scan!

As for Solidburn and WOPC - you can try enabling or disabling those and see how it affects your write quality, if you have the time to run the scans and the discs to spare. For your three posted scans, you stated that you had Solidburn On, but since, as you say, the DW1655 firmware probably recognises the media your using, you should try it Off. Do you have QSuite installed?

I don't think that writing DVD-Video material is any different from writing data, in terms of write speed. There's no reason it should be - it's all just binary data after all.

I thought that Moser Baer had a pretty good reputation, and I would imagine that media made in India should be pretty good when stacked up against Chinese and Taiwanese stuff. Your third scan, although only using 3.4GB of the disc didn't look too bad, and you certainly shouldn't have any problems playing the disc - it's well within acceptable limits of errors, plus you've scanned it at maximum rather than 8x, so it might be overstating errors. Although BenQ drives are popular as scanners, I believe they can give conservative results.

All my burners seem to give better results for +R media, so perhaps you could also try some +R variants of your own discs.

I hope you can resist building up a whole menagerie of burners! I'm trying to tell myself that I have enough now! I feel drawn to the media sections of my local stores, however, on the lookout for media I haven't yet tried. Mind you, at least I have no inclination to start using or testing DL media! And just think what things would be like with HD-DVD or Blu-Ray!!!

Happy scans!

PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 5:22 am
by Bhairav
@lastguyonthenet - which shop was the 1655 available at?