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Samsung SH-S223 - World's first 22x DVD Writer

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 9:10 am
by Ian
For those that thought 20x wasn't fast enough.. ... ews_id=902

Samsung Electronics Ltd., the worldwide digital consumer electronics and information technology leader, today announced shipment of the industry's fastest DVD burner, the new Super-WriteMaster™ SH-S223. The SH-S223 drive offers a powerful over-speed performance feature that enables consumers to burn data at high speeds -- even on low-speed media. With over-speed recording, users can write at 22X speeds on 16X media and 12X speeds on 8X media. Since lower-speed media is more cost effective, users can save money while burning discs at faster speeds.

The SH-S223 drive provides blazing recording speeds across a gamut of different data media types including: 22X DVD±R recording, 12X DVD-RAM recording, 16X DVD+R Dual Layer recording, 12X DVD-R Dual Layer recording, 8X DVD+RW recording and 6X DVD-RW recording. It enables consumers to burn 4.7GB on a DVD±R disc in approximately 4 minutes and 26 seconds, a 6 percent increase in speed compared to a 20X DVD writer. It also takes less than 12 minutes to burn 4.7GB in DVD-RAM format, which is a 30 percent increase in speed over a 20X DVD drive.

Samsung's new SH-S223 drive supports the SATA interface, the dominant interface for PCs.

The SH-S223 includes free software, enabling users to easily create music, video, photo and data discs. The drive also includes Samsung's live firmware update program that lets users download new firmware upgrades for free and keep their drives updated.

As with Samsung's complete WriteMaster optical disc drive lineup, the SH-S223 features specific technology that ensures best-of-breed performance including SAT (Speed Adjustment Technology), TAC (Tilt Actuator Compensation) and Double OPC (Optimum Power Control). Buffer Under Run Free Technology4 supports stable writing under high speed, and Magic Speed5 and ABS (Automatic Ball Balancing System)6 technologies that reduce vibration and noise. The SH-S223 also has an eco-friendly design and is RoHS compliant.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 2:53 pm
by Grain
Wow. I'd be a lot more interested in 22X reader and a 16X writer.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 4:39 pm
by DrageMester
As if 20x burning isn't causing enough problems already, 22x burning should further decrease the chance of getting a good result when burning at default (=maximum) speed. :roll:

The only reason for releasing a 22x drive IMO is for bragging rights with the expectation that most consumers will favour the fastest drive (or actually the highest "x") on the market.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 7:32 pm
by Scour
Yeah, 5 seconds faster and much louder :lol:

And I think the burning-quality at end of disc would be very critical

But I think they use a new MTK, so Liteon and Asus will maybe follow soon

PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2008 8:13 am
by deinabog
It'd be cooler if it supported Blu-ray movie playback at least.

Where is it?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:23 am
by beegie
It shipped in Feburary but I can not see it being sold anywhere online.

Re: Where is it?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:42 am
by Scour
beegie wrote:It shipped in Feburary but I can not see it being sold anywhere online.

Same here in Germany. LGs 22x also not avaible

PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 11:09 am
by Ian
Yeah, I dunno who they shipped it to. I'm not expecting to get one until May.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 5:37 am
by sallyxi
is it better than ASUS DVD writer?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 7:11 am
by Scour
Nobody have one, so nobody knows

PostPosted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 12:06 pm
by sigmax
Does anyone now how much it cost?

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2008 3:55 am
by Sen028
Hi, it's finally on sale here in Singapore. US$32 or 21euro.

PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2008 10:47 am
by zsl1010
Available in Hong Kong in the name of TS-H653F.

Price HK$ 235 = US$30


PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2008 7:47 am
by beegie
I ordered one yesterday from Newegg $29.99 + Free ship :P

This morning from Newegg it's $31.99 + $7.00 ship :D

Re: Samsung SH-S223 - World's first 22x DVD Writer

PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 1:51 pm
by beegie
My SH-S223F I was so happy with seems to have crapped out after only 3 weeks. Now I can't seem to burn anything now faster than 2X. :-?

I tried Ritek, Sony, CMC discs with Imgburn, Roxio, UltraISO but all the same thing. ](*,)

It worked great the first 3 weeks but after that. :x

I guess it's time to test New Egg's RMA process.

I've bought a lot of stuff from them but never had to return anything.


Re: Samsung SH-S223 - World's first 22x DVD Writer

PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:00 pm
by Ian
Newegg used to be pretty good about RMA's. Hopefully you'll get ahold of someone that speaks english. ;)

Re: Samsung SH-S223 - World's first 22x DVD Writer

PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 4:54 pm
by SithTracy is still good with RMA's... I just make the request on their site. Used it twice this year on a card reader and usb switch... no problems at all.