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BSOD 0x00000f4 error with Crucial M4 SSDs

PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 12:39 pm
by Ian
One of my co-workers pointed this issue out to me. After 5000 hours of usage, Crucial's M4 SSDs make a system BSOD and restart. A firmware update is on the way that fixes this. ... td-p/76392

We are aware of an issue that is currently affecting a small number of users whereby their m4 causes their system to require a restart. This issue occurs after approximately 5,000 hours of actual “on time” use. Following the initial reboot, the system then requires subsequent restarts after each additional hour of use. However, the data on the SSD is unaffected and will not be lost due to this condition.

Through our investigation, we have determined the root cause of the problem and will be releasing a firmware update that rectifies the situation. We are currently running through our validation and compatibility process. Once this process is complete, the firmware will be made available to our customers. Although we understand the desire of some people to start using unreleased firmware now, we want to ensure that our solution works across multiple chipsets, systems, and operating systems before publishing the release code. We are currently targeting the week of January 16th, 2012 to publicly release the new firmware update.

We understand the impact that this is having on some users right now and apologize for this inconvenience. We appreciate your continued support, feedback, and patience as we finalize code and resolve this issue.

Re: BSOD 0x00000f4 error with Crucial M4 SSDs

PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 4:43 pm
by redk9258
So they have a solution but are going to make people wait 10+ days? That's crazy. They should let the effected people beta test the new firmware for them.

Re: BSOD 0x00000f4 error with Crucial M4 SSDs

PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 5:23 pm
by Dartman
I wouldn't beta test anything on a critical drive till I had a solid backup. Nothing like loosing all your data when it turns out there is a glitch. If they want folks to beta test things like that make it very clear you need to backup the drive first and it's at your own risk, if they do that have at it.
At least they are admitting to and addressing the problem, which is more then many manufacturers do these days.

Re: BSOD 0x00000f4 error with Crucial M4 SSDs

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:27 am
by Ian
Firmware 0309 has been released.

Correct a condition where an incorrect response to a SMART counter will cause the m4 drive to become unresponsive after 5184 hours of Power-on time. The drive will recover after a power cycle, however, this failure will repeat once per hour after reaching this point. The condition will allow the end user to successfully update firmware, and poses no risk to user or system data stored on the drive.