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phpBB Help Wanted

PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2003 10:31 pm
by BuddhaTB
Does anyone here know how to make new rank images for the phpBB forums. Me and a few friends in a different forum want to create our own usergroup and have our own little icons too. So if anyone knows how to do it or has the time to do it for us, please PM ME. Thanks.

Here's some examples of what I'm talking about.

PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 9:15 am
by Matt
Go into phpbb administration, down on the bottom left side click ranks, then find the rank that you assigned or want to change. Click the edit link and it will give you an option to assign an image relative to the phpbb path.

Hit submit and you should be good to go...

PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 2:08 pm
by BuddhaTB
Thanks for the suggestion Matt.

But I was able to find someone to create exactly what I wanted on the official phpBB forum.