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How to Use Compression Prog

PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2004 3:56 pm
by ruderacer
Perhaps a stupid question, but I have this file Created w/PowerPoint, how do I compress this file to e-mail it? Its about 13.6 MB.

Goes w/ my previous question, which program is best.


PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2004 6:33 am
by pranav81
You could use WinZip or WinRar.They are the most famous programs found on the internet.WinZip works with .zip files and is more common.RAR offers better compression than zip,but many people dont use it.WinRar also operates with zip files.Use both the programs and then buy whcihever you like.I have WinRar as it works with .ISO,zip and rar files.