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rundll error loading c:windows/bxx55.dll?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2004 10:02 am
by liteonrules
when i get on the internet i get this message,sometimes i get kicked off the interent

error loading c:windows/bxx55.dll
the specific mode could not be found

i would like to know how to get that off or how to fix it
my specs are
amd xp 2000 running WINDOWS XP
40 GB
onboard sound and video
custom build but not by me as i know just a little bit about computers but i can follow instructions

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2004 1:26 pm
by extreme
Have you applied the Micrsoft fix awhile back, when the Blaster worm came loose? If you haven't applied those patches, you are vulnerable, and might be infected with the worm virus. I know for sure that when you get infected with the worm virus, your computer will disconnect itself from the internet.

If you did applied the patches, I think it might be something with the OS. I usually do a clean installation to remove previous OS drivers and problems.