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Image vs Snapshot technology

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2004 2:39 pm
by Intimidator
What is the difference between an image and snapshot?

I came across this article describing how this snapshot technology will change the future of backup and recovery. ... i_77057998

If you are just at your desktop and NO applications open, but there are some programs running in background is a SNAPSHOT a safe way to go in order to backup a the enitre HD not a partition then allow a FULL system restore? Before this always was done thru DOS.

I just want to back up my 40GB C: (Win2KPro) to 20GB D: drive. I was trying to find the best method to accomplish this.

I burn my documents with NERO uisng the multisession feature. That works great to back up data.

Is compression safe to use for backup images or snapshots?

I would be interested to hear the expert thoughts.

Thanks in advance!