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Source code for a READ TOC/PMA/ATIP?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 4:34 am
by Kjell-Ake
Hi and thanks for the source code of the SCSI spy program. I just found it and I'm definitely going to try it.

What I really want is to find out how to read the ATIP from a blank (unburned) CD-R/DVD-R my means of SCSI commands (Aspi32).

I can't find any SCSI Command Reference manuals for CD-R or DVD-R writers on the net, so I will have to use the SCSI spy in order to find out how it's done and then do the same.

But it would be easier to have a piece of source code to start from.
A future article maybe?

Or does anyone have a sample for me? It doesn't matter if it's a Unix/Linux source or a Win32 source.

Thankful for all the help I can get.