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bootsector needed!!!!!!!!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 4:38 am
by bill Black
i need the bootsector files or just bootcat.bin bootimg.bin for windows 95.
i downloaded 95 and it didnt come with it, i have windows xp on my comp. , my mom has lost her install disk so i was going to make a new windows 95 disk for her , shes got an old computer and thats the newest windows it will run. i have serched the web and found bootfiles for winxp and winme but not 95 just my luck! anyway if you can help me out thx if not ,sorry you wasted 38 seconds of your life. hehe[/code]

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 5:23 am
by dodecahedron
hey bill.

i have an old computer with win95 on it, also the original win95 installation CD (win95 version in My Computer -> properties, Hebrew edition).

i can't find the files you mentioned: bootcat.bin, bootimg.bin in C: or in the Win95 or Windows folders, or on the installation CD.

let me know (PM or email) what files exactly you need.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 5:46 am
by blakerwry
i am not sure that win95 disks were all bootable... they dont need to be....

Just boot from a floppy(win98 or me startup disk with CD ROM support is good), goto the CD drive and goto the win95 folder. Run the setup.exe file and you're set.

you may want to format the drive 1st depending upon your situation

A:\> e:
E:\> cd win95
E:\WIN95>dir *.exe
Volume in drive E is WINDOWS95
Volume Serial Number is EE1A-8EBB
Directory of E:\WIN95

24/08/1996 06:11 AM 5,783,436 CS3KIT.EXE
24/08/1996 06:11 AM 46,656 EXTRACT.EXE
24/08/1996 06:11 AM 78,672 OEMSETUP.EXE
24/08/1996 06:11 AM 142,353 SCANDISK.EXE
24/08/1996 06:11 AM 4,438 SCANPROG.EXE
24/08/1996 06:11 AM 5,184 SETUP.EXE
24/08/1996 06:11 AM 1,950,007 SETUP25I.EXE
24/08/1996 06:11 AM 6,729,752 SETUP32.EXE
24/08/1996 06:11 AM 44,867 SMARTDRV.EXE
24/08/1996 06:11 AM 1,009,600 SWINST4.EXE
24/08/1996 06:11 AM 537 WB16OFF.EXE
24/08/1996 06:11 AM 14,144 XMSMMGR.EXE
12 File(s) 15,809,646 bytes
0 Dir(s) 0 bytes free

and you're off to installing win95