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PSP, Sony, Best Buy and ranting (things that go together)

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 5:15 am
by yuki chan
first off havent posted in a while....

and most of this is for humor

Any how I decided to get my self a PSP with birthday money, what fun that turned out to be. I was so excited when I got home with my newly purchased gaming system, but the happiness soon vanished. After opening the box and holding the unit I thought it was fairly well built. Though straight out of the package a few dings and scratches reveled them selves on the unit (no big deal). The battery had about 22% charge on it so I decided to turn on the unit and look for any manufacturing defects. Saying some manufacturing defects were present is a great understatement. I could count about 5 white dead pixels and 3 other sub pixels of various colors. Also I noticed the damn system is impossible to keep clean, it uses a new polymer material I have only found on the PSP that attracts dust like a magnet. It’s almost like a hardened Mylar type clear plastic with black backing to it. Then I noticed that the system showed any finger print on it in proper light, this is probably why they give a micro fiber cleaning cloth with every value pack. The battery cover on the unit felt incredibly cheap also (for a Japanese made product, it was unacceptable, epically for almost $300 after taxes). So I thought the scratching would be ok since I bought an extended replacement plan to replace the unit based on user abuse. I returned this PSP for another one hoping it would not have dead pixels on it. To my surprise the replacement had three times as many dead pixels as the other one. At least 16 pixels in the center of the screen were unresponsive and in the always white position. Also more dead pixels were detected on a black screen. I decided to give up on the PSP and wait for SONY to fix the hardware before I get one.

As for the idiots at best buy, they gave me some of the most mediocre advice I have every heard with the care of LCD technology. “You should try flipping the unit so that the liquid in the LCD can fix the dead pixels” –brainless employee number 147 (yes I keep count ^^). As most of you don’t know, dead pixels are a manufacturing defect; they can not be “fixed” by most methods. The only way they can be repaired is by remanufacturing the defective panel. Though I think the panel in this case is not at fault. Sharp systems Japan makes the panel in use for the PSP, but they do not make the ribbon cable that connects it to the system board. I think a problem exists with the connection between the board and the panel, and in cases of people getting a “dead” pixel to work is just a result of jarring the unit. Sharp systems is known to make fairly defect free LCD panels at high resolutions. So tot the idiots at Best Buy, I hope your stupidity will one day be the demise of you!!!

As for SONY, a rant is now being direct towards you. I hate you!!! Not just SONY as a whole, but your computer entertainment division. Sony is Japanese for piece of crap designed to piss people off. SONY was actually a manifestation of Hitler’s ideals and the post war Japanese electronics industry. Equation: Japanese + Electronics + Hitler = SONY. First off I love almost all Japanese made electronic products for the quality and innovation, so it’s not that I am anti Japanese. I think SONY gives the label “Made in Japan” a bad image” Get a clue SONY, make a product that works from initial release without defects!!! I have been through 4 Playstation 2’s since the release of them experienced system failure just after about a year.

So using Yuki’s patented circular detached logic, don’t buy SONY. Why? you may ask. Because every time you buy a SONY product you kill a Bishounen, do you want to be responsible for killing one?

For you that don’t want to read the above statement, here is a graphical representation:


Re: PSP, Sony, Best Buy and ranting (things that go together

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:03 am
by Ian
yaoi_boy_heero wrote:Image

lol.. The dead pixel issue is the one thing that has kept me from buying a PSP.