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PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:09 am
by Justin42
dodecahedron wrote:
Justin42 wrote:Is the H10L the same drive as the H10N?

yeah, the H10L is the same as the H10N with the added LightScribe feature.

.. and it's a very good drive! :) I'm quite impressed with it. Much more so even my 4167 (which now needs to get installed at work), not that the 4167 was bad, I just always wanted better scans on 'good' media. Definitely a good buy for $40.

The Office Depot by my work shut down, so I had to go with Best Buy's $4.99 for 10 Memorex Lightscribe discs (grrr, I hate Memorex but didn't want to pay full price for Lightscribe til I understand the process better). And of course I can't find my OD ad for the pricematch. At least it's just a couple of bucks.