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Weird speed results with Nero *AND* Alcohol 120%

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Weird speed results with Nero *AND* Alcohol 120%

Postby dolphinius_rex on Tue Oct 21, 2003 3:08 am

I'm having some nagging difficulties with both Nero and Alcohol 120%.

Sometimes with Nero I can burn at proper speeds (40x, 48x 52x...) and sometime I'm limited to 24x maximum. All the speeds are listed as available, but Nero will only transfer from the HDD at a 24x speed.

I have just re-formatted C:/, and re-installed win2k. All IDE drives are DMA enabled. I am trying to burn an 80min CD image. Both the image and the burning software are located on the freshly formatted C drive. Nothing much is running in the background (my pop up blocker). I don't do anything on my computer while it's burning.

and weird things occur on both my burners, both the one set as master on the secondary channel, and the one set as slave on the secondary channel.

The plextor premium (master) will burn at 24x max (most of the time, but not ALL of the time) on Nero, but it will burn at 40x on Alcohol 120%... although it is SUPPOSED to be burning at 52x, but near the end it start dipping up and down, and finishes averaging at 40x.

The LiteON 48125W (slave) also runs at 24x on Nero (again, MOST of the time), but when I try Alcohol 120% I get something REALLY weird! It says that it averages at 48x, the burn completes (simulation) in about 1:40, and Alcohol CLAIMS the max burning speed was 91x which is completely unbelievable!

any suggestions? Things were working better BEFORE I re-installed windows! :evil: I really need to fix this somewhat quickly since I need to start working on my next review soon :o

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