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Win XP Home doesn't recognise inserted CDs anymore

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Win XP Home doesn't recognise inserted CDs anymore

Postby vorlon on Tue Jul 22, 2003 7:00 am

Hi there.

I hope that someone could help me with this really annoying Windows XP problem.
Upon inserting a new CD or DVD in one of the drives (DVD or CD-Burner, doesn't matter) it is not recognised.
That means in detail:

If I do have a DVD in the drive while starting Windows, this DVD is recognised as what it is.
But if I try to change that one against a CD after Windows is up, this inserted CD is still recognised by Windows as the DVD that was in there before.
The same is with the burner: upon changing the CDs, they ain't recognised as new but as the CDs that had been there before!
The only way to get Windows XP to recognise the newly inserted one's is to deactivate the drive and reactivate it after that or to completely restart the machine and have the new CDs inserted upon startup.

Hope someone could help me with that one.

PS: That error came spontaniously , meaning that I did not install any new software or something like that.

Thanks in advance

System: Intel Pentium 4 2.66GHz
Sony CRX210E1
DVD GHI-?? 16x DVD reader
autostart is enabled, DMA is enabled
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