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HP CD Writer Plus 9100i 8x4x32 IDE for sale [$25]

Looking to sell? Looking to buy?

Postby cfitz on Thu Jan 01, 1970 6:22 am

I was about to make aztechya's same point - the drive is fairly described on half.com. If you notice in aztechya's original screen shot, he even went so far as to actually clarify that DVD does not apply to the drive even though half.com lumps all of these drives together, somewhat confusingly, as CD-ROM DVD drives. Aztechya didn't deceive the buyer - the buyer deceived him or herself.

This is the P.T. Barnum effect at work. There seem to be an awful lot of uneducated buyers on ebay.com and half.com who seem to think that the fact that an item is being sold there means it is a bargain.

Check it out now and you will find 6x4x32 drives for $115:

http://half.ebay.com/cat/buy/prod.cgi?c ... &meta_id=5

and 8x4x32 drives being offered for $130:

http://half.ebay.com/cat/buy/prod.cgi?c ... &meta_id=5

and even a 16x10x40 drive being falsely advertised as a 24x rewriter and offered for the obscene price of $242:

http://half.ebay.com/cat/buy/prod.cgi?c ... &meta_id=5

Unbelievable... :( I would posit that the "half" in half.bom means that the product you are buying is worth half what you are paying, as opposed to what ebay wants you to think - you are getting the product for half price. However, in light of the examples listed above it seems that a name such as fourth.com, eighth.com or even tenth.com would be more like it. :wink:

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Postby Action Jackson on Thu Jan 01, 1970 6:22 am

Perhaps ebays buyers should take an I.Q. test before buying stuff. :wink:

Or at least do some research.....
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