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wts old pc parts

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wts old pc parts

Postby weaponmaster on Sat Jun 11, 2005 6:13 pm

I am cleaning my house and I need to sell those stuffs

Package A ($2 for the entire package, shipping not included)
AMD Athlon processor k7-500(the big slot one) with coolmaster heatsink and fan
PC100 128MB
A motherbroad ( I forgot the brand name) that works with this cpu
PCI Voodoo3 2000 VGA 16mb with cd driver
100W power supply
all of them are working units, I used to use it.

Package B ($2 for the entire package, shipping not included)
Intel pentium Pro ( I forgot the speed )
A motherbroad, 32mb simm, ISA soundcard with ENSONIQ chip,
ISA modem 33.6, PCI 3com NIC,
PCI VGA S3ViRGE and a 90W power supply
I used the case to build a computer.

I will find out the shipping cost soon.
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