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www.blackviper.com - where did he go?

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www.blackviper.com - where did he go?

Postby algrinch on Fri May 27, 2005 8:30 am

Has anyone heard what happend to Blackviper? He had a excellent WinXp info on his site.
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Postby liteonrules on Wed Jun 08, 2005 6:08 pm

i tried to get www.blackviper.com as well and i couldn't get on.
i wonder if MICROSOFT tried to sue the creator of that website. i got lots of tips to get rid of needless crap that took up too much memory.

my question is if no one knows what happened to blackviper, then what website could i go to find out more on how to tweak WINDOWS 2000 and XP? or how to get rid of useless programs that eat up memory?
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Postby Ian on Wed Jun 08, 2005 7:07 pm

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Postby bill on Sun Sep 18, 2005 8:59 pm

He's back, Black Viper .

From his news page, " I will be shutting down the web site again on September 21, 2005 while I get ready to move to Northern California. The domain will be up again as soon as possible."

Glad to see he is going to keep the site operational. He provides a nice service.
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