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yamaha 4416s jumper setting help req

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yamaha 4416s jumper setting help req

Postby fender62 on Sun Mar 23, 2003 5:29 pm

could someone please tell me what are the correct jumper settings
for my old yamaha 4416s scsi drive it is the only scsi device
on the back of the drive are the jumperswitch and jumper connectors
the are - id select/parity/terminator/block size/ what jumpers should be on those pins as i said its the only scsi device being used in the pc i bought it used at the moment i have taken off the connectors
in hope someone can tell me the correct setting with the blocks
i use win98se
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Postby Dartman on Sun Mar 23, 2003 6:00 pm

I had a 4260 and they should be the same. I think the ID block can be set just about any way that it recognises OK as it's the only drive on the card. The Parity is sposed to have a Jumper as far as I can remember and I think the terminnater should be on also because it's the only and last drive on the chain.
Sometimes the termimater will not be needed but to be safe try it on first.
I would set the parity and termintaer on the try the ID block till it comes up OK unless it works once those are set.
I believe Yamaha has a good web site you can go to that will have the settings and maybe the manual for that drive. try http://www.yamaha.co.jp/english/product ... index.html they still have downloadable manuals and firmware for every drive they made up :)
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