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yamaha f1 problem

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yamaha f1 problem

Postby manic on Fri Apr 25, 2003 6:04 pm


I have just got a new yamaha cdr f1 after spending the best part of a day on it the best i could do was to get running in dma mw 2 mode.

I have tried every posible way of attaching the drive to the system including as a single drive, slave, cable select, win xp, win 2000, defferent ide cables, disabled the raid, removing in device manager but it will not work in udma mode. The bios reconizes the drive as a udma 2 device.

i did get two errors in event viewer saying.

1, an error was detected on device \device\cdrom1 during paging operation event id 51

2, the driver detected a controller error on \device\cdrom1 event id 11.

I have also had this message when it set up as a single drive but doesn't the error dosen't appear in when the drive is p10 or dma mw 2 mode

my systems

abit thII raid mb
1.8a cpu
2x 256mb kingston pc800
40gb ibm 120gxp hdd
120gb wd 1200jb hdd
ati radion 7500 v/card
creative labs audigy platinium s/card
intel pci network card
pioneer 106s ide dvd drive
yamaha cdr f1 ide cdrw drive
bios version latest

I have contacted the place where i bought it and yamaha, yamaha is saying it's a conflict and the other place has never heard of the problem so i thought i would post this for your thoughts on this matter.
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Postby tazdevl on Fri Apr 25, 2003 10:52 pm

Uninstall the Intel App Accel and see what happens.

I'd also recommend checking for both a motherboard BIOS update and firmware update for the burner.
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Postby CDRecorder on Sat Apr 26, 2003 4:22 am

Welcome to CDRLabs, manic!

Try looking in your BIOS for an "Ultra DMA" setting. Set it to "Auto" for the channed on which your drive is installed.

Also, it's best to select "Master" or "Slave" for your drive, not "Cable Select". You need to set the jumper to "Master" if you don't have any other drives on the same cable.
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Postby manic on Sat Apr 26, 2003 6:10 am

i have tried the drive as a amaster and i have tried with the bios settings set to auto and disabled.

i have tried with and without iaa installed.
with iaa installed i get the drive to run in dma mw 2 mode
without iaa the will only run in pio4 mode

my bios and firmware is also upto date
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