adata_sh12_hdd.jpgADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products, today announced a new product that represents a product journey to the apex of technology and fashion- the SH12 portable hard drive. The SH12 is a powerful and elegant addition to the company’s consumer-targeted range of storage devices.

Consumer are paying increased attention to specifications and design of electronic products, and will now consider a wider range of devices as displays of personal style and taste. Responding to this market trend, ADATA has specially developed the SH12 USB 3.0 to be an elegant interpretation of classical fashion elements, making it an ideal personal purchase or gift. Available in classic colors: dazzling blue and diamond black, the surface of the SH12 sports a three-dimensional embossment printing, evoking a spirit of neoclassical design aesthetics. Manufactured via ultra-modern IMF process, the resulting surface texture offers tactile as well as visual appeal, and is scratch and fingerprint-resistant, eliminating the need for protective covers. 

In terms of performance, the latest ultra-high speed USB 3.0 transfer specification reaches speeds of up to 116MB/sec, a three time increase over USB 2.0. This translates to quick and easy access to personal digital archives. Capacities are available in a choice of 500GB and 1TB. Additionally, ADATA provides high-quality free software to all purchasers of external hard drives, including the latest Norton Internet Security 2011 (60 day trial), HDDtoGO and other value-added software products. Users enjoy three-year warranty service, for better mobility, safety and convenience.