Circuit City has launched a new program, allowing those that purchased an HD DVD player within the last 90 days to trade it in toward a Blu-ray player. According to Gizmodo, the company is not promoting this trade in program and that consumers will need to specifically ask for it.
According to a Circuit City employee in Chicago, the consumer electronics chain is trading in HD DVD players bought into their stores "within 3 months of the announcement," as opposed to their 30-day return policy. According to the internal memo announcing the demise of the format, they will either give customers a Blu-ray player—paying the price difference, if any—or a gift card. The trade-in, however, will not be widely promoted and it will be only made available if the customer asks for it.
In order to qualify for the trade in program, you will need your receipt, the original box the player came in and all of the accessories. Hopefully, this means that we'll see similar trade in programs from other retailers, like Best Buy, in the near future. Feel free to share your thoughts in the forum.