Dane-Elec USA, an established consumer electronics brand throughout the America’s, announces the availability of the Media Streamer at Walmart stores nationwide and Walmart.com. The patented Media Streamer is the must-have mobile accessory for your smartphone or tablet, combining four solutions in one – expanded storage, content sharing, mobile device charging and backup of contacts. Designed for use on the go, the Media Streamer is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs less than .2 pounds.


“The Media Streamer is compact, portable and solves the problems smartphone and tablet users typically encounter: not enough storage space, streaming data limits, short battery life and loss of contacts,” said Sherry Chapman, senior director of marketing for Dane-Elec USA. “Perfect for families, teens, business travelers, and everyone on-the-go, the Media Streamer is an affordable accessory that every smartphone owner must have.”

The Business Traveler – Entertainment at Your Fingertips
The Media Streamer is a revolutionary mobile accessory that gives users the ability to wirelessly stream content from a USB drive or SD card to an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone. A business traveler loads their favorite music and movies to a USB drive or SD card, downloads the free Media Streamer mobile app on their device, and can instantly stream those items for up to eight hours, without an Internet connection. The Media Streamer can also backup all of their personal and business contacts from their mobile device. Traveling on planes, trains, buses or taxis will never be the same.

The Family Vacationers – Easy Sharing
Up to six devices can connect via WiFi to the Media Streamer at the same time and stream different content. Family road trips are made stress-free with the Media Streamer – no more fighting over which movie to watch since everyone can watch something different!

The Soccer Mom – Always Charged
The Media Streamer provides up to four hours of mobile device battery backup with its built-in 2500mAh power charger.  The soccer mom on the go will never again run out of power when the game goes into overtime and she really needs it!

The Data Hooked Teenager – Never Over the Limit
Keep your teen within your data plan limits with the Media Streamer. Since it does not require an Internet connection, smartphone-centric teens with always have their entire media library available for unlimited entertainment without data overage charges.

The Shutterbug – Extra Storage Space for Photos and Videos
The Media Streamer allows for a two-way transfer between mobile devices and USB drives or SD cards. The photographer in your family can take as many photos and videos on their smartphone or tablet as they want, then transfer them to a USB drive or SD card using the Media Streamer. In one click they have more storage space on their mobile device, without using wires or a computer.

The Multitasker – Built-in Internet Bridge for Web Browsing
For those who have to do two things at once, the Media Streamer features an Internet Bridge that allows you to connect to the Internet while streaming from the device. You can listen to music from a USB drive while searching the web or checking emails.

Pricing & Availability
The Dane-Elec USA Media Streamer is available for $39.99 at Walmart.com and Walmart stores nationwide in the Digital Storage section.

For more information, please visit www.dane-memory.com/mediastreamer