EasyCo LLC announced the immediate availability of their new Flash SuperCharger™ software that dramatically improves the performance and life of USB Flash Drives. Flash SuperCharger changes how data is written to USB flash drives by writing data in clusters, as long linear strings, overcoming the massive write inefficiencies in USB Flash Drives today. Applying SuperCharger software to a Flash Drive results in faster performance, eliminates slow-downs as Flash Drives fragment, extends life of Flash Drives and adds to their use with portable applications. SuperCharger USB 2.0 support is available for Windows XP now, with support for Windows 2000 and Windows 98 to follow.

EasyCo President, Sam Anderson, said: “Our tests with leading Flash Drives show that Flash Drives running with our Flash SuperCharger software on them are dramatically faster … some even outperform hard disk drives (HDD).” In lab tests, SuperCharger wrote 4KB blocks up to 1,000X faster than Flash Drives without SuperCharger (see tests) and up to 15 times faster than HDDs. With larger files, SuperCharger can reduce the time it takes to copy 100 MB of data to a SanDisk Cruzer from 90 seconds to 12 (a 7.5-to-one improvement ratio).

Anderson noted, “Just as important, Flash SuperCharger prevents the Flash Drive from slowing down as it fragments, resulting in 100X faster performance than a Flash Drive with normal fragmentation.”

SuperCharger combines the power of high-performance with the portability of Flash Drives. The ability to perform incredibly fast/small writes with SuperCharger supports running application software directly on USB Flash Drives. These applications include virtual operating systems, databases and portable applications. Until now, most Flash Drives have operated too slowly for users to execute portable applications from them.

Having portability with power in a Flash Drive means instead of carrying a computer around, users can carry a half-ounce Flash Drive around and plug it into any Windows PC to execute applications.

Anderson added, “This capability gives users the ability to handle their email or Web browsing rapidly on any Windows PC using their Flash Drive. Our tests have shown that SuperCharger-enabled Flash Drives can bring up a web page in 1.5 seconds instead of 6.4 seconds (4.3 times faster). Another example: you can download Thunderbird onto a USB stick and execute programs off that stick with all email history intact.”

Additionally, Flash SuperCharger increases the amount of data that can be written to Flash Drives by 5- to 10-fold, adding years of life to Flash Drives that otherwise would have to be replaced (more).

Anderson added: “If you copy just 100 megabytes to a SuperCharger-enabled Flash Drive, you will save a minute. With portable applications, viewing just twenty web pages will save a minute, as will disposing of 100 emails. Time savings due to Flash SuperCharger add up quickly.”

Other benefits gained when implementing Flash SuperCharger on Flash Drives are:

  • More Forgiving: A Flash Drive with Flash SuperCharger can be removed as soon as its copy light goes out. Pulling Flash Drives that don’t have Flash SuperCharger installed can risk major data loss.
  • Fast Setup: USB SuperCharger installation on 16GB or smaller Flash Drives normally takes less than a minute. Setup on most large Flash Drives takes less than two minutes. Flexible and
  • Inexpensive Pricing: The retail pricing for Flash SuperCharger runs about 40% of the cost of the USB Flash Drive on which it is installed. SuperCharger is also available for license by USB Flash Drive OEMs at aggressive pricing.

Free downloads for 1GB Flash Drives are available. Until December 31, 2009, USB SuperCharger can be downloaded from the EasyCo web site at no cost for any USB Flash Drive that is 1GB or less in size. All license activations are permanent. For this offer, there is a limit of two licenses per customer.