Aleratec today announced the Aleratec 50mm mSATA SSD to SATA Adapter which makes three of Aleratec’s most popular hard disk drive duplicators compatible with 50mm mSATA drives.


The Aleratec 50mm mSATA SSD to SATA Adapter makes it possible, using selected Aleratec hard drive duplicators, to duplicate solid state drives with a mini-SATA interface connector. Depending on the HDD duplicator used, other options include copying from mSATA to SATA or vice versa, or from mSATA to IDE or vice versa.

Mini-SATA drives offer the advantages of the SATA interface in a drive with a smaller form factor. About the size of a business card, mSATA SSDs are often used in notebooks and netbooks.

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Aleratec today announced the Aleratec Compact Flash to SATA Adapter which makes three of Aleratec’s most popular hard disk drive duplicators compatible with Compact Flash or IBM MicroDrive media.


Compact Flash memory cards are small mass storage devices. About the size of a matchbook, these solid state drives provide reliable, removable mass storage for portable devices such as cameras and PDAs. MicroDrives are hard disks that have applications similar to Compact Flash cards and are designed to fit into a CF Type II slot.

The Compact Flash to SATA Adapter is ideal for use with a laptop or with selected Aleratec HDD Duplicators. It converts a Compact Flash memory card (Type I/II) or IBM Microdrive media to a low power, high performance 2.5” SATA hard drive. It supports any size compact flash card up to 2TB.

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OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, today announced the release of new enhanced IOPS firmware (v1.13) for the Octane SATA 3.0 Series SSDs. The random write performance has been significantly improved, in some capacities over double that of the previous specifications, for users looking to push their SSD performance to new heights.

For all Octane SATA 6Gb/s models, the improved IOPS made possible by this new firmware allow for greater transactional performance, especially during small file and random access speeds in everyday computing applications. When compared to the previous revision, random write IOPS performance doubles across nearly all capacities when tested in Iometer 2008:


OCZ strives to offer the fastest, highest performing solutions on the market and continues to support customers by offering firmware innovations to their storage investments. The new enhanced IOPS firmware will begin shipping in the next batch of drives to resellers, and the upgrade file will be made available to existing customers via the company's website.

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Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the latest addition to its SSDNow family, the SSDNow V+200. The new Kingston® SSDNow V+200 solid-state drives are the ideal high-performance upgrade solution for the performance minded yet cost-conscious business or home user.


The SSDNow V+200 features the second-generation high-speed SATA 3.0 (6Gb/s) SandForce® SF-2281 Processor and outstanding sequential read and write speeds of up to 535MB/s and 480MB/s. The SSDNow V+200 enables fast system start-up, rapid data access and speedy copying of large files such as videos, presentations and graphics illustrations.

“Kingston constantly strives to offer the perfect upgrade solution to cover each market segment. The SSDNow V+200 drive has been specifically designed to meet the needs of both business and home users looking for an inexpensive yet powerful upgrade,” said Ariel Perez, SSD business manager, Kingston. “The SSDNow V+200 is equipped with all essential tools needed to extend the lifecycle and boost a system’s performance to the maximum. The balance between performance and price makes this SSD deliver the best ROI as an upgrade for a fleet of corporate notebooks or desktops or the home PC.”

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KINGMAX, the world’s leading memory manufacturer, has recently launched its ultra speed SDHC Pro/SDXC Pro max memory cards. These two memory cards adhere to the latest SD 3.0 standard and boast a read speed up to 55MB/s and a write speed up to 30MB/s; a technological breakthrough from the conventional Class10 specification. The 64GB SDXC Pro max series offer enhanced reliability and faster transferring speed. Such specification ensures high quality images during high-speed continuous shooting and is the most suitable memory card for HD still images, high-speed motion as well as Full HD 1080P videos.


The increasing popularity of digital cameras meant more emphasis is placed on high-resolution pictures, non-stopping continuous shooting and easy photo / videos browsing; therefore, the demand for memory card no longer confines to only high capacity, it has also extended to superior storage performance. KINGMAX, a keen observer of market trends, has once again surpassed competitors by releasing its industry-leading SDHC Pro/ SDXC Pro max memory cards. With maximum twice or triple as fast write speed than the previous Class10 memory cards, the new SDHC Pro is equipped with a write speed up to 20MB/s and the SDXC Pro max exhibits write speed up to 30MB/s. Such improve in performance fulfills DSLRs’ need for high-speed storage, and significantly reduces the waiting time of file transfer between memory cards and computers.

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BiTMICRO Networks, a manufacturer of high-end enterprise Solid State Drive (SSD) technologies, and Global Unichip Corporation (GUC), the Flexible ASIC Leader™, have successfully taped out a third generation SSD controller. Dubbed as TALINO™-DE (Translation and Linking of I/O Nodes - Device Edition), this multi-core SSD controller provides high-speed data transfer between host and storage device. TALINO-DE is seen to be a generation ahead of today’s market-leading technology.

TALINO-DE features multiple embedded CPUs, high-speed serial on-chip buses and proprietary integrated data moving technology, enabling parallel access to hundreds of flash chips. Other features include full data path protection, end-to-end data integrity, embedded AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) engines for data security, embedded XOR engines for delivering faster transaction processing in RAID configurations, power management, and other resource optimization.

The TALINO-DE controller comes with built-in standard I/O cores such as SAS, SATA and PCIe, thus eliminating the need for a bridge or third party I/O controller. Powering BiTMICRO’s new line of SSDs, it expects to deliver more than 400,000 random 4KB block write transactions I/O per second (IOPS) while maintaining enterprise-class life endurance. In addition, it allows BiTMICRO’s SSD to scale up to 5TB of solid state storage in a single form factor depending on the capacity of flash devices used. It is also designed to accommodate even higher capacities for larger systems. It supports high-speed NAND flash devices, such as ONFi and Toggle Mode DDR SLC, MLC and eMLC in addition to legacy NAND SLC memory devices.

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pureSilicon™ Inc., innovator of high-performance storage technology for the industry’s most demanding applications, has launched a new line of enterprise-focused storage devices that give IT administrators high-performance options for power users. The new Kage Series comprises the Kage K1 USB Flash Drive — an “impossibly thin” (4.5 mm) USB 3.0-based SSD drive that redefines portable performance and capacity for mobile enterprise and prosumer users; and the Kage K1 SATA SSD that leverages the advanced technology pioneered in pureSilicon’s recently announced Renegade and Nitro devices, making it available at a lower price point aimed at power users in the financial services, science, and engineering sectors, as well as creative professionals who need fast, high-capacity storage for digital media.


“These are the devices that IT managers and prosumers have been asking us to make ever since we launched our range of ultra-performance Nitro and Renegade SSDs,” said Jason Breakstone, founder and CEO of pureSilicon. “The Kage Series devices will appeal to anyone that craves more performance and storage capacity from their solid-state drive but doesn’t need ruggedized packaging and advanced security features. We’re particularly proud of the Kage Series USB, which delivers the essential benefits of an SSD in something the size of a USB drive, while offering high transfer speeds and 240 GB — all in killer packaging.”

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kingmax_smu32_client_pro_ssd.pngKINGMAX, a world renowned leading brand of DRAM and flash memory, has launched the latest 2.5” SATA III 6Gb/s based SSD series targeting high performance users. The KINGMAX SMP32 Client and SMU32 Client Pro SSD feature the new generation SandForce controller that support SATA 6GB/s for the best performances and deliver read speed up to 550 MB/sec and write speed at 520MB/sec, thus it only takes a few seconds to boot in your operation system.

KINGMAX SSD SATA III Client series equipped with highly reliable SandForce controller supporting SATA III 6Gb/s interface to extend the lifetime of NAND Flash chips and the durability of SSD. Supporting RAISE fault-tolerant technology and ECC error correction technology to prevent errors caused by the volume of data loss, strengthen the data security inside it, and upgrade the computing performance. Moreover the data read and write times will be significantly reduced to extend the durability and lifetime of SSD.

Besides, all KINGMAX SSD products adopt high reliable MLC NAND Flash with the built-in Duraclass technology, Global Wear Leveling features and NCQ/Trim commands can be dispatched evenly to ensure flawless performance and improve the reliability of SSD. Being different from the traditional hard drive which involves motor and rotating disks, KINGMAX SSD SATA III Client series is extremely quiet when in operation, which means, KINGMAX SSD is not only noise-free also extremely stable and reliable. Meanwhile, it helps save electricity and reduces the opportunity of a possible breakdown. The launching of SMP32 Client and SMU32 Client Pro is such good news for computer high-end users and gamers who care lots about the lifetime of SSD and the data security.

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sony_micro_vault_mach.pngGet ready for even faster saving, sharing and uploads of your personal media files. Brand-new Micro Vault MACH is the first family of flash memory drives from Sony with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology for blazing performance that won't slow you down.

Micro Vault MACH is ideal for consumers and business users who need the convenience and reliability of ultra-fast on-the-go data transfers. Available in capacities from 8GB up to 64GB, Micro Vault MACH offers data speeds up to 120 MB/s (read) and 90 MB/s (write). You'll enjoy faster sharing and uploads of music, photos, HD video and media-rich documents – and less time spent waiting for your files to copy.

Micro Vault MACH is backward-compatible with USB 2.0, so you can use it seamlessly with current PCs and other devices that don't support the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standard.

Micro Vault MACH is encased in sleek, solid aluminium body that's built to withstand day-to-day knocks. The retractable USB connector's click mechanism offers extra protection while shrinking the drive's size for even greater portability. There's a handy LED indicator to give visual confirmation of data transfers when the drive is in use. For extra peace for mind, all drives come with a standard five-year warranty.

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silicon_power_64gb_sdxc_uhs-i_class10.pngIn order to respond to the surged market demand of USB 3.0 transmission rate and multimedia file storage, leading memory storage brand, Silicon Power today announces the launch the 64GB SDXC UHS-I Class 10 memory card that fits the standard specifications of SD3.0. In addition to its massive capacity, it delivers the read speed of 60 MB/sec and super fast write speed of 35MB/sec making it the perfect combination of high speed and large storage capacity.

SDXC UHS-I 64GB Class10 memory card brings absolutely the best of the transmission speed; it is very suitable for audio-visual professions for taking snapshots or continuous video recordings. HD photos, original RAW file or Full HD video can be easily stored. SDXC UHS-I 64GB Class10 adopts the most updated exFAT format and breaks the highest capacity limit of 4GB for a single file which avoids the occurrence of lag.

SP 64GB SDXC UHS-I Class10 memory card meets the regulation and transmission standard of SD association and comes with excellent compatibility that fully supports all kinds of digital storage devices complied with the association’s specification. Every SP memory card product comes with a lifetime warranty and post-sale service.

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