Each person’s birthday was built on every mother’s pain. Mother’s Day is coming soon, how can we express our gratitude to dearest Mom? What kinds of presents should we prepare to Mom? RIDATA specially launch a creative gift - Luxury "Pink OD3" flash drive for Mom with the greatest sincerity, and big surprise.


RIDATA launched Luxury "Pink OD3" flash drive is the most good helper for mother to use. It’s only 8.2g light weight and make Mom easily carry files at hand. Mom can conveniently share, revise, and backup all kind of data. In addition, the capacity up to 32GB not only allows you to send a full love,but also lets Mom keep all her memory inside.

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Verbatim, the global leader in data storage technology including portable hard drives, USB flash drives, CDs, Blu-ray discs and memory cards, adds style and speed to its lineup of flash drives with the addition of the Store ‘n’ Go V3 USB 3.0 Drive.


“With the new V3 USB 3.0 Drive, users can take advantage of the much faster USB 3.0 ports which are  becoming standard on many newer laptop and desktop pc’s offered for sale this year. The USB 3.0 interface offers up to 2 times faster transfer rate than earlier generation USB 2.0 ports.  The Verbatim V3 USB Drive allows users to benefit from the latest technology, without being throttle by their USB 2.0 flash drives. At very nearly the same price as an ordinary USB 2.0 drive is just icing on the cake.” said Mark Rogers, Verbatim Product Manager, Flash Memory Products.  “Offering a convenient cap-less design, the V3 enables students and professionals alike the ability to quickly transfer data in a small, compact device.”

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HGST (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies and now a Western Digital company) today announced the storage industry’s first technology demonstration of a 12 gigabit per second (12Gb/s) SAS solid state drive (SSD), representing the next performance step in the evolution of SAS, the preferred interface technology for enterprise servers and storage solutions. HGST is participating in the 12Gb/s SAS demonstration at the SCSI Trade Association Technology Showcase on May 9, 2012, at the Hyatt Hotel in Santa Clara, Calif.

SAS SSDs and hard disk drives (HDDs), with their rich SCSI heritage, continue to be the building blocks of choice for enterprise and cloud storage. Enabling next-generation storage solutions, 12Gb/s SAS is a broadly supported industry standard as it delivers twice the throughput compared to today’s 6Gb/s SAS solutions, while maintaining established enterprise protocols and attributes. It is also backward compatible with 6Gb/s SAS for investment protection in current SAS infrastructures.

One of the enterprise features of today's SAS drives is a second interface port that provides additional bandwidth to the drive. With 12Gb/s SAS on each of these ports, the drive can transmit and receive data at a rate of 12Gb/s, resulting in a total available interface bandwidth of 4.8GB/s per drive. With this speed, enterprise and cloud datacenters will be able to reduce latency by harnessing the ultra-high performance of SSDs or by improving the performance of large-scale HDD infrastructures.

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PNY worldwide leader in USB flash drives, PNY technologies, the leading manufacturer in memory products have released a new and exciting Key Attaché USB Flash drive, the latest addition to their popular Attaché range. The Key Attaché drive delivers convenient and portable access to your important files and documents. Its compact size and one of a kind design sets it apart from the rest. It also aims to be the lowest priced USB drive ever offering the ultimate in data storage without burning a hole in your pocket.


Keeping in mind the fast paced and busy lifestyle of today's modern crowd, PNY's Key Attaché USB flash drive combines innovation with unsurpassed functionality to offer the next level in storage devices. The drive features a special lanyard hole that can be attached to keys or the wallet or any other accessory of choice. It effectively serves the dual purpose of being a trendy and fashionable key ring while offering mobility of data and information. The unique and eye catching design makes it a visual delight that complements and reflects the style and personality of the user. The Key Attaché drive comes in two flattering duo-colors: Turquoise/White and Grey/White.

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ADATA Technology today announced the addition of New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin to its NBA Flash Drive line. Lin will join a line-up that includes products featuring Boston Celtics’ Paul Pierce, Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose, Los Angeles’ Kobe Bryant, Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, New York Knicks’ Amar'e Stoudemire, Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard.


Officially licensed by the National Basketball Association (NBA), these NBA flash drives are a fusion of high-adrenaline sports and technological accessories. This new model utilizes a USB 2.0 interface and has increased the capacity to 8GB.

Waterproof up to a depth of one meter, the NBA Flash drives feature the team jersey which is easily removed to access the drive itself. The rugged rubber body is designed to take the knocks that come from mobile and athletic lifestyles and is also stain resistant allowing you to easily wipe off any dirt or marks.

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Embedded System Expo (ESEC) Japan 2012 will hold during May 9th to May 11th in Tokyo, and KINGMAX will demonstrate its series of industrial grade of FLASH storage products—SSD(Solid Sate Drive), memory cards, DRAM and embedded memory--on the booth WEST11-65. Leveraging more than 20 years of DRAM and FLASH expertise in R&D and manufacturing, KINGMAX will present a complete series of industrial solution which is not only at latest specification but also has been undergone strict reliability test and verification to ensure the most stable quality.


KINGMAX Group is the world first memory module manufacturer owning IC packaging and testing facilities, and has long been committed to the innovation of the best memory module solutions. Leveraging years of R&D and manufacturing competency, KINGMAX first-launched Industrial products include three categories: Industrial Storage, Industrial Memory and Embedded Memory. First, KINGMAX will exhibit a series of industrial SSD, including SATA III and SATA II SSD—both withstand wide operation temperature(-40℃~85 ℃). KINGMAX will also release mSATA SSD and Half-Slim SSD for Ultrabook and small form factor embedded systems.

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smart_cloudspeed_500_ssd.pngSMART Storage Systems, an innovative and rapidly emerging enterprise SSD technology provider, today announced the CloudSpeed 500 Serial ATA (SATA) 6Gb/s solid-state drive (SSD). Leveraging cost effective consumer grade multi-level cell (MLC) Flash, CloudSpeed 500 is an enterprise-class SSD that delivers the high-performance and endurance required in enterprise server environments at consumer MLC value, fundamentally changing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for cloud storage and server applications.

With the rise of social networking and other cloud computing services, data creation and the need to access data in near real-time has grown at an unprecedented rate. This has led enterprise organizations to utilize SSDs in order to meet the throughput levels necessary to work with an ever-increasing data-set. In the past, enterprise organizations turned to client-class SSDs leveraging consumer MLC Flash because they provided significant performance improvements over traditional hard disk drives (HDD) at a lower cost than higher-endurance SSDs utilizing single-level cell (SLC) Flash. However, client-class SSDs are designed for read-intensive environments and quickly wear out in typical cloud storage and server mixed workload environments. This has forced IT managers to use a consumption model, resulting in the need to replace an SSD multiple times within a typical warranty period, driving up TCO.

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Silicon Power, the world’s leading provider of memory storage solutions today unveiled Velox V60, a 2.5” consumer solid state disk that combines aesthetic and performance. V60 features a sleek metal body with SATA III interface delivering personal style, speed and quality, taking computing experience to a new level.


Unlike a traditional SSD that is rigid and bulky, SP V60 offers a stylish brushed aluminum enclosure in metallic gray. It features a hairline finished cover with a silver embossed diamond cut logo and a body with curved edges. Its minimalist design speaks quality and character; adding style to functionality so consumers will never need to compromise aesthetic for performance.

Featuring the latest SandForce controller, SP V60 unleashes the potential of SATA III 6Gbps interface to deliver up to 550MB/s reads; 500MB/s write transfer rate. The V60 can significantly improve performance over hard drive; it can boot a computer in seconds and quickly launch applications.

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OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, today announced that its SAS-based Talos 2 SSDs have been selected by HyVE (Hybrid Virtualization Engine) Systems for implementation within three high-compute platforms targeted for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) academic and corporate end user compute solutions. Providing stellar read/write input/output operations per second (IOPS) performance, high reliability and availability of stored data and desktop applications, the ability to grow with the HyVE Systems platforms, and cost-effectiveness were the key attributes that aided in the selection of OCZ Talos 2 drives.

Combining proven virtualization solutions with state-of-the-art, best-of-breed hardware products that support next-generation cloud requirements, the HyVE System VDI platform provides a cost-effective, high-performance environment that scales to the needs of their customers while providing an extremely low cost per desktop without jeopardizing quality, reliability or performance. A typical HyVE System VDI solution has a fixed cost of approximately $200 per desktop which is significantly lower than traditional virtual solutions that typically start at $1,500 per desktop, and scale down cost to approximately $700 per desktop, depending on infrastructure costs.

HyVE Systems' VDI solutions are smaller, less expensive high-compute platforms that can run either 100+ or 200+ VDI desktops on a single node. For example, many K-12 school districts do not have the budgets to purchase, deploy and maintain brand new computing equipment for their student population and must leverage the existing network infrastructure to cost-effectively extend its life while enabling students and teachers to use their own computing devices regardless of age, operating system or hardware architecture. This approach enables state-of-the-art VDI solutions to be stored as a virtualized desktop on the HyVE central server platform so that students and teachers can work from whatever local computing device they have while the system programs, applications, processes and data are kept on the remote server and run centrally.

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Dane-Elec, a global leader in consumer electronics, today announced Marvel's The Avengers USB drive product line with Marvel Entertainment, LLC. The four Avengers characters featured in Marvel's The Avengers movie premiering this May -- Captain America, The Hulk, Thor and Iron Man -- will be brought to life in the form of 8 gigabyte (GB) flash drives. Users can collect them all with Marvel's The Avengers 4-Port USB Hub and let the Super Heroes transport and protect their data for years to come.


"We are thrilled to offer Marvel fans our second line of USB drives, which is based on the characters in the upcoming Marvel's The Avengers movie," said Sherry Chapman, director of marketing for Dane-Elec. "The Marvel Classics line is extremely popular and we are excited to give movie fans the Marvel's The Avengers drives. Both adults and children can now store and transport data on these replica character statuettes that have a sleek sliding USB drive embedded in the base. Marvel's The Avengers Super Heroes collection is both unique and practical for all ages."

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