SPYRUS, Inc. today announced Hydra PC Virus Protected (ViP) USB encryption drives incorporating antivirus protection from McAfee® Scan Engine technology. Combining McAfee antivirus scanning with SPYRUS hardware-based file encryption provides a USB drive solution powerful enough to protect host computers, peripheral flash drives and removable memory media from viruses, malware, spyware and adware.

spyrus hydra pc vip.jpg

Hydra PC USB encryption drives with McAfee advanced antivirus security provides both on-demand and on-access identification and detection of malware and viruses that are inherent in most computer network environments. Hydra PC encryption drives guard the integrity of the encrypted data and create a secure channel to preclude key-logger and piggyback intercept attacks from “spoofing” the Hydra PC drive.

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After releasing the 128 GB 2.5-inch SATA II SSD, Silicon Power, the leading brand among Flash Memory Manufacturers, is expanding its SSD product line with a larger, 256GB version. Except for its larger capacity, a new version SSD delivers an outstanding performance in data transfer rate. It can reach a read speed of 165 MB/s and a write speed of 95MB/s. High-speed transfer rates, as well as the very low (0.2ms) latency, it's a benefit for SSD-equipped computers to provide faster functioning speed and boot times.

silicon power 256gb ssd.png

With the mentioned high speed data transfer, the new units provides the cutting edge controller and flash memory shock resistance, minimum vibration, low power consumption, no noise, no latency delay, no seek error and high reliability, enabling the operating system to work well even if it is on the move. The new 256GB SSD also features an integrated ECC (Error Correction Code) to ensure an accurate data transfer, as well as built-in wear leveling technology that guarantees long-term reliability and ultra-long storage lifespan. Customers can easily install the SSD in laptops, PCs or other devices that support SATA II SSD. Silicon Power 2.5” SSD with SATA II or IDE interface is fully compatible with RoHS requirement, with capacities ranging from 8GB to 256GB.

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Transcend is pleased to announce the launch of its special edition India Spirit Drive for its customers in India. In celebration of achieving monthly shipment of over 1 million pieces in India, Transcend has created this unique flash drive to express its respect and appreciation for the continued support of valued customers throughout India. The limited edition Spirit of India Flash Drive is available exclusively in the Indian market. With this special flash drive, Transcend would like to reinforce its promise to Indian customers that Transcend will continue to produce superior quality products to meet continuously evolving market demands.

transcend spirit of india.jpg

The India Spirit Drive is a modified version of Transcend’s popular ultra-compact JetFlash® T5 USB flash drive, which measures a mer 29.9mm x 15.3mm x 6.1mm (L x W x D) and weighs just 2g. Extremely small yet easy to use, the Spirit of India Flash Drive breaks free from the flash drive status quo. Its unique ultra-tiny casing with retractable USB connector make it perfect for attaching to a keychain or mobile phone, and its eye-catching design accented with India’s national colors are sure to wow Indian flash drive users!

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Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., today announced it is releasing a 16GB microSDHC Flash memory card for use in mobile phones. The larger capacity card offers greater storage options for the latest mobile phones and other digital devices and joins the microSDHC card family which includes the 4- and 8GB products.

kingston 16gb microsdhc card.jpg

"The increased functionality of the latest mobile phones has helped fuel and raise consumers' appetites for more digital content," said Wendy Lecot , Flash business development manager, Kingston Digital. "Today's mobile lifestyle includes using phones as portable media players and as a camera. The Kingston(R)16GB microSDHC card removes the barrier of limited internal handset or device memory and allows users to store more photos, songs, games and videos."

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Patriot Memory, a global provider of premium memory module and flash memory solutions, announced today the release of their 16GB microSDHC flash memory card.

"Today's mobile devices have become an important tool in people's everyday lives," says Meng Jay, Flash Product Manager for Patriot Memory. "Mobile phones can connect to the internet, record video and play games; in essence it's a mini computer making storage space all the more important."

patriot 16gb microsdhc.jpg

Smaller than the size of a US dime, Patriot's 16GB microSDHC flash memory card can store over 6,000 photos or 300 hours of music. The 16GB microSDHC flash memory card is rated, Class 2, which based on (SDA's) Secure Digital Association's standards, classifies it as 2MB/s guaranteed minimum sustained write speeds.

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