Ridata has announced that they've added a 32GB model to its 233x Lightning Series of CompactFlash cards. This high capacity card features dual channels of data throughput, allowing it to read at 35MB/s and write at 12MB/s.
Advanced Media, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of the popular Ridata brand of recordable DVD, flash media, electronic storage products, and digital accessories, has introduced a 32GB model to its 233x Lightning Series of CompactFlash cards. Proving size does matter in memory cards, it boasts one of the largest capacities, fastest transfer rates available in a CF card. It joins existing 233x Series models featuring 2GB - 16GB storage capacities.

"Mobile digital products continue to get more and more sophisticated," commented Harvey Liu, president of Advanced Media, Inc. "To that end, they require more data storage and faster read times. Our new 32GB 233x Lightning Series CompactFlash card delivers both. In today's digital flash media world, size matters. And Ridata has it."

The new Ridata 32GB/233X CF card is perfect for users of higher megapixel digital cameras. Its large 32GB capacity allows the user to store more photos, while virtually eliminating nagging wait time for data to record. Consumers are strongly urged to check the hardware device specifications to ensure the device used will work with higher capacity CF cards using the FAT32 file system.
The Ridata 32GB 233x Lightning Series CompactFlash card is available now for a suggested retail price of $199.99. Full details can be found here. Add a comment
Traxdata recenly announced the availability of its new 16GB SDHC card. This Class 6 rated card is capable of 6MB/s writing speeds and can hold six hours and 40 minutes of MPEG-2 video. Traxdata also announced that it has expanded its product lineup to include both miniSDHC and microSDHC memory cards.

Traxdata's SDHC 16GB allows users to store approximately 5000 four-megapixel images or approximately six hours and 40 minutes of MPEG-2 video on the one card. Rated Class 6 for data transfer speed, it is the highest speed class currently available, and means data can be written at a minimum speed of 6MB per second, perfect for high-definition video and images...

...In addition, Traxdata has also announced the availability of two new formats to its existing range - both a 4GB and 8GB version of the miniSDHC memory card alongside a 4GB microSDHC card, one of the smallest memory cards in the world. Both the miniSDHC and microSDHC are ideal for people who use their mobile phones for taking photos, download and store music on their phones or for those that use their mobile device for more complex use such as email, office documents and the internet.
If you'd like to read more, Traxdata's entire press release can be found here. Add a comment
Transcend recently announced the release of its new Extreme Speed 300X CompactFlash cards. These new flash memory cards operate in dual-channel Ultra DMA mode 5, which allows them to achieve read/write speeds of up to 45MB/s.

Following growing consumer demand for larger capacity, high-speed memory cards, Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a global leader in flash memory products and DRAM memory modules, today revealed its new Extreme Speed 300X CompactFlash card - a worthy addition to Transcend’s award-winning line of high speed, ultra-reliable flash memory cards.

Transcend’s Extreme Speed 300X CompactFlash cards operate in dual-channel Ultra DMA mode 5*, the fastest speed available for CF cards. This interface allows Transcend’s 300X CF cards achieve extraordinarily fast read/write speeds of up to 45MB per second on average**, making consecutive shooting and non-stop video recording with today’s high-performance digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLR) easier than ever. With impressive transfer speeds and enormous storage capacity, users are guaranteed to get the best performance results from their high-end digital equipment.
Transcend's Extreme Speed 300X CompactFlash cards are available now in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities. Full details can be found here. Add a comment
IronKey recently announced an 8GB version of its Secure Flash Drive. Like previous versions, this USB flash drive features military-grade hardwareencryption as well as a suite of applications, including a portable version of Firefox, IronKey Password Manager, RSA SecurID and a Secure Sessions service.
IronKey Inc., maker of theworld's most secure flash drive, announced today availability of the8GB-capacity of its IronKey secure USB devices. IronKey bringsunprecedented mobile data convenience and security to individuals andorganizations with its rugged, waterproof and tamper resistant USB drivesthat include always-on hardware encryption, strong authentication, portableapplications and ultra-fast memory. IronKey's cross platform capability andremote policy enforcement enable IT to rapidly deploy in heterogeneousenvironments with complete control.

The 8GB model is the latest version in the IronKey product line thatcurrently includes 1GB, 2GB and 4GB options. All IronKey devices are easyto use, and there is no need to install software or drivers. All user dataon an IronKey is encrypted with high-speed military-grade hardwareencryption. Unlike software-based encryption, this always-on protectioncannot be disabled, and is protected against cold-boot and brute forceattacks. If a thief tries to break into an IronKey and exceeds apolicy-determined number of failed login attempts, the IronKey Cryptochipwill lock out the encryption functions and securely erase all the encrypteddata with its patent-pending Flash Trash technology.
The 8GB version of IronKey's Secure Flash Drive is available now for $299. Full details can be found here. Add a comment
SMSC has announced two new families of USB 2.0 flash media readers. Designed to improve performance of Hi-Speed flash media, the USB2240 and USB2250 are capable of speeds as high as 35MB/s. The USB2250 also offers greater flexibility by reading two different flash media formats at once.
SMSC (Nasdaq: SMSC), a leading semiconductor company providing innovative system solutions spanning analog, digital and mixed-signal technologies, today announced two new families of USB 2.0 Flash media readers designed to enable greater throughput and flexibility in consumer electronics and computing applications. The USB2240 and USB2250 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 controller families support a wide range of Flash media cards with improved data transfer performance, delivering higher data throughput and catering to new high speed formats.

The popularity of USB 2.0 makes the technology a preferred interface for removable storage media in consumer electronics and computing platforms. SMSC’s new generation of USB Flash media controllers reduce bottlenecks with throughput speeds up to 35 MB/s - nearly twice as fast as previous generations of SMSC Flash media controllers. This bandwidth increase enables a host of rich-content applications, including streaming video, fast multimedia file transfer and higher performance of computing technologies like ReadyBoost for Windows Vista. In trials using ReadyBoost, a technology that employs external Flash memory to boost performance in the Vista operating system, SMSC’s new Flash media readers delivered significantly better performance than systems without high-performance Flash media readers.
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