A-DATA recently announced its new high-performance USB flash drive, the XPG Xupreme 200X. Available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities, the  Xupreme 200X features a durable, lightweight aluminum case and is capable of reading at 30MB/s (200x).

a-data xps xupreme 200x.jpg

Coated with an elegant dark grey aluminum color, XPG™ Xupreme 200X presents the high-performance USB flash drive in a simple yet stylish design of A-DATA’s flash drive product line. It offers storage capacity options ranging from 8GB to incredible 32GB and supports up to 30MB/s (200X) read speed, thanks to the ultra-fast dual channel technology.

Certified for Windows Vista™ this flash drive is also enhanced for Windows® ReadyBoost™, offering best performance advantages to this latest operating system. Xupreme 200X comes with a practical leather strap and provides true "Plug and Play" function to make your life more convenient. And with high capacities reaching 32GB, you can store more digital files than ever before on one storage device.

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Silicon Power has announced the release of its new Touch 810 USB flash drive. Along with a retractable USB port, the drive features a light, transparent body with a rhombus facet inside.  The Touch 810 is available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities and comes with a lifetime warranty.

silicon power touch 810.jpg

Silicon Power has released the availability of its new Touch 810 with refined design USB flash drive in global markets. Its chic stylish look is one of a kind in the market. The rhombus facet inside of this flash drive with its retractable USB port and one crystal on the top gives it a rare elegance which is unusual for this type of device. The Touch 810 features a light, transparency body in red or blue for choices. Its rhombus facet and crystal reflects the sunlight revealing a stylish colorful look. The Touch 810 cleverly combines design and functionality and also offers the SmartKit software for personal data management.

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Transcend recently announced its new ultra-tiny USB drive, the JetFlash T5. While measuring only 29.9mm x 15.3mm x 6.1mm, the drive is rugged enough to resist bending, stress, vibration, shock and even full water submersion. The T5 also features a retractable connector and is compatible with Transcend’s JetFlash elite software.

transcend jetflash t5.png

Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend), a leading manufacturer of flash memory products, today introduced a new ultra-tiny USB flash drive, the JetFlash® T5. Measuring just 29.9mm x 15.3mm x 6.1mm (L x W x D), the T5 is incredibly compact, and only weighs a mere 2g. Unlike other miniature USB flash drives, the T5 is constructed with non-breakable plastic and is rugged enough to resist bending, stress, vibration, shock, and even full water submersion. Its retractable connector design and eye-catching two-tone color schemes not only make the drive easier to handle and use, but also give it a unique fashion accessory look. With its convenient attachment loop, the ultra-light T5 can be used as a mobile phone dongle or a keychain fob, making it easy to carry and store in places where ordinary flash drives just do not fit.

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SanDisk announced today that it has developed an advanced flash file system for solid-state drives. This new flash management system, named ExtremeFFS, operates on a page-based algorithm which puts data where where it is most convenient and efficient. According to SanDisk's claims, ExtremeFFS has the potential to accelerate random write speeds by up to 100x. The company also proposed two metrics to make it easier for consumers to compare the performance and endurance of SSDs.

SanDisk® Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK) today unveiled an advanced flash file system for solid-state drives (SSDs) that yields dramatic improvement in performance and reliability for computing applications. Called ExtremeFFS™, this next-generation patented flash management system – which has the potential to accelerate random write speeds by up to 100 times over existing systems – will ship in SanDisk products during 2009.

Speaking in Los Angeles at WinHEC 2008, Rich Heye, senior vice president and general manager for SanDisk’s Solid-State Drive (SSD) Business Unit, presented ExtremeFFS along with two metrics – vRPM and LDE – that can help end-users evaluate SSDs. vRPM enables comparisons in performance between an SSD and a hard disk drive (HDD) or another SSD, and LDE calculates the lifespan of a solid-state drive.

For SSDs to perform optimally in Windows Vista, and thus replicate or surpass the functionality of hard disk drives, a new flash management technology is needed to accelerate SSD write speed and endurance, he said. “SSDs will revolutionize client storage, but we need new benchmarks that allow them to be treated differently than HDDs.”

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Transcend recently announced the release of its new 128GB high speed 2.5-inch Solid State Disk (SSD) drive. This MLC-equipped SSD features a new controller and SATA-II interface, making it capable of 145MB/s read and 92MB/s write speeds.

transcend 2.5-inch 128gb ssd.png

Transcend Information Inc. (Transcend®), the world’s leading manufacturer of memory products, is proud to release its all-new 128GB high speed 2.5-inch Solid State Disk (SSD). SSDs are made of reliable NAND flash memory that contains no moving parts, and therefore are not susceptible to mechanical failure resulting from vibration, shock or heat. Featuring a powerful new controller, Transcend’s MLC-equipped 128GB SSD far outpaces standard 2.5” hard drives, delivering exceptional sustained read/write speeds of up to 145MB / 92MB per second to guarantee fast throughput regardless of file size. With these high-speed transfer rates and virtually non-existent (0.2ms) latency, software applications and games open faster and run more smoothly, improving overall system responsiveness. Moreover, this SSD’s industry-standard SATA-II interface and 2.5” form factor allow easy and straightforward user installation in most notebook computers and mainstream PCs just like regular hard drives.

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