Super Talent has launched a new line of ultra-small solid state drives (SSDs) for use in UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) and DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) devices. These NAND flash based SSDs are available in 1.0-inch and 0.85-inch widths and capacities as high as 8GB. With their parallel ATA (PATA) interface, the drives are also capable of 40MB/s read and 30MB/s write speeds.

super talent 0.85-inch ssd.png

Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today announced two new ultra-small solid-state drives (SSDs) that were developed using Intel technology for use in UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) and DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) devices.

Super Talent is introducing 1.0-inch and 0.85-inch SSD models, both of which employ a parallel ATA (PATA/IDE) interface with a ZIF connector. These are definitely among the world’s tiniest SSDs, designed to be smaller, faster, lighter and cheaper than the smallest hard disk drives (HDDs).

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Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced a new range of USB flash drives with a redesigned case that is shorter than previous models. The drives are available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities and are capable of 18MB/s read and 4.5MB/s write speeds.

toshiba 16gb flash drive.png

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the introduction of a new range of USB flash memory drives that feature a redesigned case and a maximum memory capacity of 16GByte, double that of existing products. The stylish design is shorter than previous models and also more robust. The drives will be showcased at the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.

Toshiba, which developed flash memory in 1984, has continually driven the development and improvement of memory for consumer and business use. Having invented NAND flash technology, Toshiba has utilised its latest, high integration 43nm NAND flash process to extend the range of its USB drives up to 16GByte - twice the previous maximum.

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Super Talent recently announced the launch of its new Luxio family of USB flash drives. Available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, the Luxio features AES-256 hardware encryption and comes in three colors: black, silver and wood grain. The drives will begin shipping this week with the 64GB version retailing for about $149.

super talent luxio.png

Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today launched a new family of high performance, feature rich Luxio USB drives in capacities up to 64GB.

A 64GB Luxio drive can store as many as 20,000 six megapixel photos or 16,000 MP3 songs. Luxio drives are housed in a sleek 21 x 76 x 10 mm UV coated ABS/PC case with chrome plated zinc trim. All models include advanced AES-256 hardware encryption as a standard feature for fast, convenient data security. Offered in three colors, black, silver and wood grain, Luxio drives are packaged in an elegant gift box and also include a custom made black leather carrying case.

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Samsung has reportedly dropped its $5.9 billion bid for SanDisk. According to Reuters, Samsung CEO Lee Yoon-woo wrote a letter to SanDisk management, informing them that due to their third quarter loss and recent renegotiation with Toshiba, Samsung is no longer interested in acquiring SanDisk at $26 per share.

"Your surprise announcements of a quarter billion dollar operating loss, a hurried renegotiation of your relationship with Toshiba and major job losses across your organization all point to a considerable increase in your risk profile and a material deterioration in value, both on a stand-alone basis as well as to Samsung," Samsung CEO Lee Yoon-woo wrote to SanDisk management in a letter disclosed on Wednesday.

"As a result of these developments, we are no longer interested in acquiring SanDisk at $26 a share."

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SanDisk announced today that it has added anti-malware protection from McAfee to its line of Cruzer Enterprise USB flash drives. This "always on" safeguard blocks malware, even when the device is used outside of the firewall. Its automatic anti-malware scan also prohibits file transfers to secure USB drives from infected PCs.

sandisk cruzer enterprise.png

SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK) and McAfee, Inc. (NYSE: MFE) today announced SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise with anti-malware protection from McAfee. In addition to protecting corporate USB flash drive users from data leaks, the solution includes the McAfee® Scan Engine, which offers advanced heuristic analysis for comprehensive detection of both known and unknown threats. Expected to be available before year’s end, this “always on” safeguard blocks malware from entering the secure USB flash drive even when the device is used outside of the firewall.

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