Micron Technology announced this week that it will be restructuring its memory operations.  Due to declining customer demand and product oversupply, the company will be discontinuing the production of NAND flash memory at its Boise facility. As a result, Micron plans to reduce its global workforce by approximately 15 percent over the next two years.

In response to a challenging global environment for technology products,  Micron Technology, Inc., today announced a restructuring of its memory operations.

The combination of declining customer demand and product oversupply in the marketplace has driven selling prices for NAND flash memory significantly below manufacturing costs, particularly for 200 millimeter (mm) manufacturing lines. As a result, IM Flash Technologies (IMFT), a joint venture between Micron and Intel Corporation, will discontinue the supply of NAND flash memory from Micron’s Boise facility. The NAND operation shutdown will reduce IMFT’s NAND flash production by approximately 35,000 wafers (200mm) per month.

As part of the restructuring, Micron plans to reduce its global workforce by approximately 15 percent during the next two years. The majority of the workforce reductions, which will begin with a voluntary program, will occur in Boise as a result of the NAND operation shutdown. Micron is committed to assisting employees affected by the workforce reductions and is providing severance and outplacement services.

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Silicon Power recenly announced the release of its new 32GB SDHC card. Developed for high-end digital cameras, this Class 6 rated card features a mechanical write-protection switch and is capable of reading and writing at 6MB/s.

silicon power 32gb sdhc.jpg

Silicon Power, the leading brand in flash memory manufactories, today announces the launch of its 32 GB SDHC Class 6 card to its lineup of high performance flash memory cards. SDHC is the new generation of SD cards (Version 2.0) that supports FAT32 and is perfect for those wanting High Definition content. Silicon Power 32GB SDHC with Class 6 speed specification is the perfect companion for video recording devices and allows several hours of high quality video recording or thousands of pictures on a single card. Along with this massive storage capacity, users can find the performance outstanding with a rating of up to 6MB/sec, making it ideal for professional users to conveniently store hours of high quality video without carrying many flash cards.

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Kingston sent out a press release this morning,announcing its new DataTraveler 150 USB Flash drive. Offering 32GB of storage, the DT150 gives users the ability to transport and store entire libraries of music, photos, documents and video on a single USB drive.

kingston dt-150.jpg

Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced it is shipping its high capacity 32GB DataTraveler 150 (DT150) USB Flash drive. The DT150 offers the largest capacity in Kingston’s entire line of DataTraveler® USB drives and allows users to conveniently combine work-related content and personal digital content on the same drive with plenty of room to spare. Users can now transport and share entire libraries of music, photos, large business documents, and even video without ever having to change USB drives or search other portable storage devices containing specific content.

“The new DataTraveler 150 has broken through storage barriers by allowing users to store all their digital files ― business or personal ― all under one roof,” said Mark Akoubian, Flash business manager, Kingston®. “As file sizes increase especially with content such as music and photos, the need for small form factor storage drives with high capacities will continue to go up. The DT 150 certainly addresses those needs today.”

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Super Talent has launched a new line of solid state drives (SSDs) designed for the Asus Eee PC. These new mini PCIe SSDs are available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities and are capable of 40MB/s read and 15MB/s write speeds. The drives will go into production in November and will range in price from $53 up to $149, depending on capacity.

super talent eee pc ssd.png

Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today announced a new line of mini PCI-Express SSDs, available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, that were designed explicitly for the Asus Eee PC.

Standard Eee PCs have maximum 20GB of storage. These cost-effective upgrade cards offer up to 64GB of solid state storage. Super Talent’s Mini PCIe cards have been tested extensively with Asus Eee PCs to ensure performance and compatibility.

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Traxdata announced today that it has added solid state drives (SSD) to its product lineup. The Ultra-S Plus Series MLC is available in capacities up to 128GB and is capable of 110MB/s read and 78MB/s write speeds. The Ultra-S Plus Series SLC boosts performance even further with support for 119MB/s read and 99MB/s write speeds.

traxdata ultra-s ssd.png

The new SSD range includes the Ultra-S Plus Series multi-level cell (MLC) and the Ultra-S Plus Series single-level cell (SLC) in order to suit a variety of needs. The Ultra-S Plus Series MLC is available in varying sizes of 32, 64 and 128 GB and allows users to read up to 110MB of data per second and write up to 78MB per second; while the Ultra-S Plus Series SLC reads up to 119MB per second and writes up to 99MB per second and is available in 32 and 64 GB.

SSD is a particularly stable and reliable storage solution as there are no mechanical moving parts like there are in a traditional hard disk drive. A SSD drive therefore allows faster access to data and eliminates the risk of mechanical failure.

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