asrock 3tb unlocker uitlity.jpgASRock, Inc. the global motherboard manufacturer officially released their exclusive "3TB+ Unlocker" utility that delivers the maximum potential of the hard disk. The fantastic 3TB+ Unlocker tool offers a tweak-friendly feature, breaking the limitation of 32-bit operation system that could only detect the hard disk within 2048GB. It also allows ASRock motherboards without UEFI Technology to take advantage of the hidden storage space on 3TB and larger HDDs, helping to fully utilize the wasted spaces.

ASRock's new 3TB+ Unlocker utility is a shot in the arm for HDDs, delivering state of art storage technology with user-friendly software. It is dedicated to provide the most optimized storage space. Not only smashing the storage limits, the brand new utility also delivers the most reliable computing experience yet.

3TB+ Unlocker is a tool for people washing to build up their new platform with a well-allocated space set. This isn't only aimed at the high-end enthusiast mainboard segment but also targeted at entry-level platforms. To enjoy the maximum storage performance, all you have to do is to simply download the 3TB+ Unlocker from theASRock website. With ASRock 3TB+ Unlocker, users are assured to access the entire hard drive effortlessly.

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Seagate today announced the availability of its new GoFlex Slim portable hard drive –– a svelte, 9mm, 2.5–inch external drive designed for the latest trend of portable, thin, stylish laptops and netbooks. Initially showcased at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics show in January of this year, the new GoFlex Slim performance drive is now available on, in–store and at select online retailers. A 320GB version of the GoFlex Slim drive can be purchased for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $99.99 USD.

seagate goflex slim.jpg

At an ultra–sleek 9mm—38 percent leaner than the current GoFlex ultra–portable drives—the new GoFlex Slim drive is roughly the width of a pencil. Sliding effortlessly into a pocket, purse or messenger bag, the GoFlex Slim portable drive enables transport, access and enjoyment of personal digital content from anywhere, making it the perfect complement to today’s mobile lifestyle. Equipped with a 7200RPM drive and a USB3.0 interface to accelerate transfer speeds up to 10x faster than USB2.0, this attractive super–slim drive delivers quick access to large, multi–media files such as HD movies and video games. The faster drive speed takes full advantage of the included plug–and–play USB 3.0 interface, while still maintaining compatibility with USB 2.0 ports. The GoFlex Slim portable drive also allows for use between Windows and Mac computers, interchangeably, without formatting or performance loss. Additionally, the drive’s included p remium backup software provides automatic and continuous backups and encrypts files and folders.

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How one can make a portable hard drive more fashionable, stylish and stand out from the rest? The world leading flash manufacturer Silicon Power understands users’ desire to have a trendy portable hard drive and specially for this Silicon Power have released a super horsepower 2.5 inch USB 3.0 interfaced Stream S10 radiant orange. The Stream S10’s radiant orange color distinguishes itself from the dull color crowd and gives users a vivid and refreshing choice in storage devices.

silicon power stream s10 usb 3.0 hard drive orange.jpg

The ultra-streamline Stream S10 utilizes USB 3.0 interface as its high performance engine, boasting a maximum transfer bandwidth of 5 Gb/sec. Coupled with weight reduction technology, it weighs only 145 g (30% lighter than other brand products in the same class). Its design allows it to dash through data transfer super highways. The curvaceous streamline looks and eye catching radiant color satisfy the strongest desires of young group who have a taste for boutique and seek individuality.

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apacer ac230 usb 3.0 hdd.jpgApacer is proud to announce the launch of the new AC230 USB 3.0 external HDD (hard disk drive). With read and write speed up to 92 MB and 85 MB per second, the newly unveiled AC230 is three times faster than USB 2.0 equivalent models, giving you a boost in performance while backing up all quantities of data and media files, without the hassle of waiting.

With the increasing popularity of high-resolution videos and digital photography, storage requirements for backing up, storing and sharing data can amount to hundreds of GBs. The same can be said about the outrageous expected wait times for handling such important tasks. The Apacer AC230 External HDD, however, exhibits a top data transfer rate of up to 92 MB/s for reading and 85 MB/s for writing, taking only 4 minutes to transfer a 20 GB high-resolution video.

In contrast to the 12 minutes it usually takes with a USB 2.0 hard drive, the AC230 HDD remarkably outperforms conventional USB 2.0 drives by shortening transmission time by three times! This impressive capability makes Apacer proud to say that “while USB 3.0 interface improves data transfer rates and saves consumers time, it is still priced high. Only the Apacer AC230 External HDD addresses the need for both the best transfer speed and an affordable price, making it the best choice on the market.”

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Sharkoon's hard drive docking station series "QuickPort" gets an impressive increase: The Sharkoon SATA QuickPort Quattro can simultaneously connect up to four unobstructed SATA data drives to a computer. The sturdy, black table device with a high-gloss front panel offers four expansion slots for 2.5 and 3.5 inch drives as well as 2.5 inch SSDs. All bays are compatible with both hard drive formats and equipped with an on/off switch, eject button and LED indicators for power supply (blue) and hard drive activity (red).

sharkoon sata quickport quattro.jpg

Two manually adjustable fans are used to cool the used data drive. The Sharkoon SATA QuickPort Quattro provides a USB 3.0 and eSATA port for computer access. The docking station supports hard drives with up to three Terabytes of storage capacity. For the connection of more hard drives through eSATA, a eSATA controller with port multiplier (PMP) is needed. The Sharkoon SATA QuickPort Quattro measures 285 x 170 x 95 mm (L x W x H) and weighs 1030 grams. Shipping includes a brief instruction manual, power supply, USB 3.0 cable and eSATA cable (both are 100 cm in length).

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