Lite-On announces today the introduction of their most versatile 24X DVD writer to date: the iHAS624. The iHAS624 is a fast and reliable SATA DVD Writer with various disc labeling techniques as well as Smart-Erase for safe and permanent disc erasing. The drive is designed for DVD writing at 24X and features the latest optical drive technologies for accurate disc writing. This DVD Writer reduces the time it takes to reliably secure business files, backup personal files or create DVD videos.

lite-on ihas624

Using LabelTag means a convenient and cost-effective way for labeling any DVD±R single layer disc without using additional software. LabelTag is a patented Lite-On feature that allows users to create a circular label on the data discs. When creating the disc, users can add text and/or images printed on the same side of the disc where the data is stored. No need to use markers, stickers, or even the hassle of flipping the disc. There is no special media required and the disc remains fully compatible with other playback devices.

Additionally, users can choose to label their discs with LightScribe technology. With LightScribe one can directly create customized labels and burn them onto LightScribe compatible DVDs and CDs.

The iHAS624 offers the fastest available DVD±R writing speed: 24X. The writing speed for double layer DVD±R discs and DVD-RAM is 12X, while writing speeds for rewritable media are 8X for DVD +RW and 6X for DVD-RW.

The iHAS624 incorporates a wide selection of Lite-On SMART features:

  • SmartErase permanently erases confidential data by overwriting the original data with random characters. Working with DVD±R (DL) and CD-R discs, SMARTErase's full erase mode guarantees total data destruction.
  • SmartWrite 24x maximizes DVD burning performance using self learning to detect and choose the fastest writing strategy for the media, even allowing some brands of 16 speed discs to be written at 24 speed.
  • SMART-Burn automatically adjusts the writing method and optimized power level for each disc resulting in the best possible burn every time and on every brand.
  • SMART-X system from LiteOn automatically adjusts the extraction rate for optimum read performance, reducing overall operating noise and vibration.

The iHAS624 drive will be available from November 2010 for a suggested end-user price of EUR 35.