millenniata logo.pngU.S.-based Millenniata today announced the results of its longevity test program based on the internationally-recognized ISO/IEC 10995 Standard, verifying Millenniata’s claim that the M-DISC DVD lasts in excess of 1,000 years.

The Standard, which specifies how to determine the mean expected life of optical media, by subjecting DVDs to high temperature and humidity for extended periods of time, was applied to the M-DISC and other leading archival DVDs.

Specifically, results demonstrated that the median expected life of the M-DISC DVD was 1,332 years. Other DVDs which claim to have an expected life of 30 to 100 years lasted for only a small fraction of that time. The tests indicated that the other leading archival DVDs have an expected life of only 2.7 to 3.0 years.

“With results like these, it’s not surprising that many consumers don’t immediately think of optical storage when they want to preserve their data,” said Paul Brockbank, Millenniata president and CEO. “The results of this test show that the M-DISC technology is in a class of its own.”

The results are a culmination of more than nine months of work and thousands of hours of testing, all conducted according to the ISO/IEC 10995 Standard. No other data storage company has completed a more extensive set of tests to demonstrate its ability to safely and permanently retain data. The test methodology and data will be published on Millenniata’s website.

“We believe consumers deserve to know why the M-DISC can be trusted,” said Brockbank. “We are entering a new digital world in which managing and preserving all of our data is the challenge. The M-DISC offers a permanent way to meet this challenge, something which no other data storage solution can offer.”

In addition, Millenniata recently completed its M-DISC Blu-ray media. With the addition of the new 25GB M-DISC Blu-ray to its product line, Millenniata has significantly expanded the breadth of the market addressed by its permanent data storage solutions, greatly increasing the storage capacity, ease-of-access, and usability of the M-DISC.

The M-DISC Blu-ray offers five times the storage capacity of the standard 4.7GB M-DISC DVD, and is writable and readable on any Blu-ray drive – an enormous step for Millenniata and the convenience of this permanent storage technology.

While the longevity results only apply specifically to the M-DISC DVD, the same technology is also at the core of the new M-DISC Blu-ray. Similar results are expected from tests Millenniata will conduct on the Blu-ray version of the M-DISC later this year.