It looks like the Versatile Mulitilayer Disc (VMD) is coming to the US. NME has announced that they are planning to release over 100 HD titles on VMD later this year.
New Medium Enterprises (OTCBB:NMEN - News; NME) today announced that it will release over 100 HD titles on Versatile Mulitilayer Disc (VMD) in the United States later this year, which will include several Broadway shows. The VMD is a next generation optical disc standard suitable for high definition content, using current red laser technology with storage capabilities up to 100 GB.

Returning from a road show in the U.S., Mahesh Jayanarayan, NME's CEO, was extremely upbeat on the prospects in the U.S. marketplace stating that "We believe the opportunity for NME to succeed here in the United States is growing quickly and we are determined to exploit that opportunity as timely and completely as possible."
It will be interesting to see if VMD can compete with Blu-ray and HD-DVD. If you'd like to read more, NME's entire press release can be found here.