Patriot, a global leader in performance memory, SSDs, gaming peripherals and flash storage solutions, today announced the release of two new Type-C USB drives. The Stellar-C Vertical (STC-Vi) and the Stellar-C Pass-Through (STC-Ti) will provide users with high capacity, portable storage solutions for the ever growing Type-C technology.

patriot stellar c vi

The Patriot STC-Vi will provide users with an upright solution to minimize obstruction while in use with Type-C smartphones or tablets and provides a low-profile, plug-and-stay, drive for use in notebooks, such as the MacBook®, and desktop PCs. “With the STC-Vi, the new vertically positioned Type-C flash drive, we are giving the consumer something that will mesh well with Type-C mobile devices both in style and portability,” said Meng J. Choo, Patriot’s Flash Product Manager. Available in a range of capacities from 64GB to 128GB, the STC-Vi will have a transfer rate of up to 225MB/s read and up to 25MB/s write for a seamless transfer between devices.

patriot stellar c ti

The Patriot STC-Ti will enable users to transfer data between devices, while still having access to a charging port. The STC-Ti’s dual sided design has a Type-C connector on one end for storage use and a Type-C port on the other to keep access open for charging purposes. “Many Type-C capable devices only have one port,” said Choo. “The STC-Ti will enable consumers to have charging capabilities as well as data usage through the Type-C pass-through port.” The STC-Ti will be available in capacities from 64GB to 128GB with a transfer rate of up to 130MB/s read and 20MB/s write.

The STC-Vi will be available in Quarter 2 of 2017 for starting MSRP of $24.99 - $64.99 USD and the STC-Ti will be available in Quarter 2 for a starting MSRP of $34.99 - $74.99 USD. For more information visit: