Pretec continues today its record breaking history in the field of speed and capacity by unveiling the extraordinary 666X CF card, the world’s fastest CF card and the new SDXC 32GB, the world’s first, highest capacity and fastest SD card at CeBIT booth Hall21/D83 and at PMA CFA booth at LVCC South Hall K286 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

pretec 32gb sdxc card.png

Also, Pretec unveils today the rechargeable 16MB SRAM PC card and 64GB/128GB ExpressCard SSD, the largest capacity and world’s first ExpressCard SSD with hardware-based AES256 Encryption/Decryption at CeBIT and Embedded World Exhibition & Conference (Booth Hall9, Stand128) at Nuremberg.

Pretec 666X CF’s dazzling 100MB/s speed is the largest speed boost in CF history. Pretec’s CeBIT booth is featuring “Double 100” this year, with dual breakthrough of CF capacity in 100GB, and CF speed in 100MB/s. Pretec 666X CF card will start sampling by April from capacities of 4GB to 64GB.

SDXC (eXtended Capacity) is a next-generation SD card, with capacities up to 2048GB, and read/write speed up to 50MB/s initially and up to 104MB/s in the future. Pretec 32GB SDXC card, sampling now to design-in customers, can reach the speed of up to 50MB/s.

64GB and 128GB ExpressCard SSD, is the largest capacity and world’s first ExpressCard SSD with hardware-based AES256 Encryption/Decryption. Pretec ExpressCard SSD features a dual interface of an ExpressCard socket and a mini USB socket for mobile storage solution for portable devices as well as for embedded systems.

New Pretec rechargeable 16MB SRAM PC card uses only single rechargeable battery to be the main battery. Pretec rechargeable SRAM PC card features double (standard) to quadruple (optional) battery power compared with any other players in the industry.