QNAP Systems, Inc. (QNAP) today officially released the QuTS hero h5.0 operating system, the latest version of the ZFS-based NAS operating system. Including an upgraded Linux Kernel (5.10), improved security, WireGuard VPN support, snapshot instant clone, and free exFAT support, QNAP’s QuTS hero NAS provides exceptional solutions for data storage/backup, virtualization, or time-sensitive collaborative media editing.

qnap quts hero 5 os

“Data security is a top priority for QNAP, and we have implemented a major system kernel update for QuTS hero to enhance NAS security and reliability,” said Sam Lin, Product Manager of QNAP, adding “In QuTS hero h5.0, we have also optimized the overall performance to meet larger and complex business workloads.”

Key new apps and features in QuTS hero h5.0:

  • Increased security:
    Supports TLS 1.3, automatically updates the operating system and apps, and provides SSH keys for authentication to secure NAS access.
  • WireGuard VPN support:
    The new QVPN 3.0 integrates the lightweight and reliable WireGuard VPN and provides users with an easy-to-use interface for setup and secure connectivity.
  • Dedicated ZIL – SLOG:
    By storing the ZIL and read cache (L2ARC) data on different SSDs for processing read and write workloads separately, overall system performance and SSD utilization and lifespan are improved, making it especially beneficial for optimizing flash storage investments.
  • Instant clone:
    Conducting snapshot instant clone on the secondary NAS assists in copy data management and data analysis without interfering with production server operations on the primary data.
  • Free exFAT support:
    exFAT is a file system that supports files up to 16EB and is optimized for flash storage (such as SD cards and USB devices) - helping accelerate large media file transfer and sharing.
  • DA Drive Analyzer with AI-powered diagnostics:
    The DA Drive Analyzer leverages ULINK’s cloud-based AI to predict the expected life of drives, assisting users in planning drive replacement in advance to protect against server downtime and data loss.
  • Enhanced image recognition with Edge TPU:
    By leveraging Edge TPU to QNAP AI Core (the AI-powered engine for image recognition), QuMagie can perform faster face and object recognition, while QVR Face strengthens real-time video analytics for instant facial recognition.

Learn more about QuTS hero h5.0 at https://www.qnap.com/quts-hero/.
QuTS hero h5.0 is available from the Download Center.