RITEK recently launched RITEK M-DISC DVD, increasing the lifetime of discs up to 1,000 years. M-DISC was researched and developed by Millenniata, Inc. in U.S.A. M-DISC can preserve and protect your information by laser etching data into a rock-like material that is not available in any other recordable media. Because information is etched into a rock-like material it is resistant to the deteriorating effects of light, temperature, humidity and time. M-DISC's ability to survive extreme conditions has been tested and proven by the U.S. Department of Defense.


A leading manufacturer of storage media, RITEK is the only strategic partner of Millenniata in Taiwan. For storage media that demand high technology and quality to manufacture, only RITEK, a leading storage media manufacturer in the world, has the professional capability to pull that off. RITEK will also produce the new M-DISC BD as the only partner cooperating with Millenniata. M-DISC BD will be on the market soon.

What did ancient people use to record their history and world? In the mystic East, people wrote on bamboo slips; in the ancient West, people drew on sheepskin; However, after undergoing millions of years of history, only epigraphs on stones in both the East and West are preserved without being destroyed in wars or natural disasters. RITEK M-DISC DVD adopts the exclusive R&D patent for using rock-like substances as recording materials. The data you store will be engraved on the disc firmly just like the ancients who used natural stone walls for epigraphs and recordings. The precious pictures and deep-rooted words will pass on forever.

Beautiful memories need protection, and so do important data. No matter a company, bank, hospital, military facility, education institution or government office, no one can afford to lose any valuable data. So leave that to RITEK M-DISC DVD.

Product Features: High Stability: RITEK M-DISC uses a patented rock-like recording surface instead of traditional organic dye to etch your records.

High Longevity: Up to 1,000 years
"According to accelerated aging tests, the M-DISC is a proven permanent storage solution that will last up to 1,000 years."

High Quality: researched and developed in U.S.A. Made in Taiwan

High Backward-Compatible: RITEK M-DISC can be read by most existing DVD drives or players.

M-DISC should be burned with the M-DISC READY Drive (such as commercially available LG disc writers). This marvel literally engraves your files into the M-DISC, where your data will never suffer from decay or natural degradation