As the world leader in storage media, RITEK Corporation will showcase its complete series of Blu-ray discs at Computex, Taipei, from June 5th through June 9th. RITEK offers BDXL Blu-ray discs with multi-layers, high density, and 100GB capacity, to accommodate the growing needs for 3D Digital TV and Blu-ray hardware and software. Also, RITEK will present a series of USB 3.0 storage products and high-speed memory cards.

The increasing penetration of 3D video media has been accelerating the world's demand for storage discs of mega capacities. According to data from Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA), the global demand for Blu-ray discs totaled 210 million units in 2011 and is expected to reach 400 million in 2012. The era of Blu-ray has arrived, with the strong demand for high-quality video and audio. RITEK introduced PTM technology from the electronics and optoelectronics division of Industrial Technology Research Institute and successfully cast the fine-recording process for Blu-ray discs. This will speed up RITEK's ramp-up and cost control in the high-end Blu-ray products. In fact, RITEK is the only optical disc manufacturer in Taiwan receiving government support.

In addition to premier Blu-ray products, RITEK will also present 50GB BD-R DL (dual layers) and 25GB BD-R (single layer) at Computex. RITEK's Blu-ray discs are highly compatible, reliable and durable. The specially-designed hard coating ensures the Blu-ray discs are resistant of scratches, finger-prints or dirt. RITEK also offers printable Blu-ray discs, a beautiful and efficient storage media that allows consumers to print out the texts and graphs they enjoy.

RITEK will also showcase a comprehensive offering of high-speed memory cards, such as 800X CF and UHS-1 SDXC. We also offer compact pen drive and portable hard drive with USB 3.0 specification.

Meanwhile, as a response to the call for energy efficiency due to rising utilities and oil prices, RITEK will display green products such as energy-efficient LED panel light and flexible solar module. RiTdisplay, a member of RITEK group will also introduce its AMOLED.

RITEK is known for its brand, dedication to quality and pursuit of perfect products. It is the only optical disc manufacturer listed as Top 100 Taiwanese Brands by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In Taiwan, RITEK is the leader in its industry. We will continue to seek excellence and provide premier and comprehensive products and services to consumers.